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freedom from chains secured party creditor ucc redemption process done for you New SPC/UCC Done for You Process is FINALLY Here!

New SPC/UCC “Done for You” Process is FINALLY Here!


We now offer a Fourteen-Day Turnaround on Having all your paperwork produced for you, with detailed instructions and support to ensure you get the filings done. [we must have all your docs before we start counting the days! So make sure you have your Certificate of Live Birth & SPC Data Sheet for us before signing up]


For those who are serious about LEARNING and OVERSTANDING every crevice of the spc/ucc/freedom/reclamation process, how to use their position to get remedy, as well as how to add additional layers of security and protection, and how to manuver in the world as secured…then you should definitely also sign up for the STATUS CORRECTION COURSE, a 15 Week Webinar series, more info here.


For January and February, we are open for *SERIOUS* Students, to get a very special value for their donations to support our cause – in exchange for BOTH SERVICES.

Speak with us today about our special offer! Ends February 28!  YOU MUST FIRST BE A MEMBER OF OUR PRIVATE COALITION – (on our e-mail list or more involved) as this is NOT available to the GENERAL PUBLIC!  So fill out the form to join our private membership if you are interested.  Stay on our e-mail list….Then get in touch!


Call 505-340-3632 with questions.


SPC Trust Data Sheet Template 1 New SPC/UCC Done for You Process is FINALLY Here!

webinar feedback The Current Status Class is Getting Wonderful Feedback.  We are Holding Another Series. Call us at 505 340 3632
Hi All,


We are Holding Another Series. Call us at 505-340-3632 to jump on in the middle of this series and get a free ticket to the next series, starting March 1. If you sign up before January 10th, you get a special discount for registering as an “Early Bird”. You can also jump on the classes currently happening now. Call & Talk with Mark, Grant, Ava, Andre, or Tyler.



Download (PDF, 382KB)


Watch the Entire Video Outline of the Table of Contents:


or listen to the abbreviated audio MP3 telling you about the course here


Sign+Up+Here The Current Status Class is Getting Wonderful Feedback.  We are Holding Another Series. Call us at 505 340 3632


Status Class Series2 Status Correction Class (More Info & Sign Up Links...)




We are super excited to announce our upcoming Status Correction Class. Our intention is to facilitate solid, comprehensive discussion and detailed overview on the topic of “Political Status” – more precisely defined as Private Citizenship vs. Public Citizenship, American National vs Corporate Citizen, and NON-government-employee STATUS.   HOW do you prosper and obtain not just political freedom but financial freedom – abundance and wealth and truly live and provide an amazing life for you and your family.   How do you share that with your community and the world?
Can you change your STATUS?   and HOW does one do this if they wished to do so…


You can register here NOW:


or visit our main site and click on “Status Correction Class” underneath our LARGE UCL BANNER/LOGO


We are extremely excited to be able to introduce this material to

the people of American and the world learning to take back their freedoms. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST before deciding to JOIN as it contains important information…

status class ad Status Correction Class (More Info & Sign Up Links...)

We will cover all the Material which is estimated to be between 12-15 Videos, which will be either in Modules or Live Webinars. 



Why are we holding this Comprehensive Series of Overview Classes?



When it comes to freedom, it’s all about Status. Are you considered a Corporate Citizen

or are you considered free under the common law and without the control of the

corporate statutes?


Do you have the freedom to provide your

children and your family your own health and religious choices, freedom of

movement, and free to live out your own private contracts?


→']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

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As you start to use bitcoin and lose faith in the USDollar and Learn About the Devaluation of the Dollar, the Loss of Our Freedoms, Police Brutality, and Abolishing the Federal Reserve …. why don’t you get paid to share with others the alternative to supporting the failed system that keeps “them” in power and helps fuel every major war and every major evil corporation?


If you are still using USD as your preferred payment, you need to try bitcoin, click the link in this message to “test out” using bitcoin by putting $100 or slightly more, just a small amount of money, into a bitcoin “wallet”, and try using it! You can buy things in bitcoin online instead of using a credit or debit card, or offline out in the “real world” through your app buying coffee if you put a “bitcoin wallet” on your smartphone (click link here to sign up http://tinyurl.com/bitcoin-coinbase-link)


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