PRIVATE NOTICE AND AGREEMENT (hereafter “PRIVATE-NOTICE”): is a PRIVATE forum that teaches and educates our members (hereafter “UNIVERSITY”) about the study-of-contracts, otherwise known as “contract-law” or “agreements” (hereafter “AGREEMENTS”); which is defined as the study of contracts in our everyday-life and how they relate to helping us to achieve peace and happiness for all human beings; not only to improve our lives as well as to satisfy, settle, and bring harmony to those in our lives who we are perceiving as a challenge (family, debt collectors, tax collectors, banks, co-workers, bosses, police, lawyers, public or private trustees, and respondents or other offerees) (hereafter “PARTNERS”) and to bring a resolution to the matter by invoking the infinite abundance that lies with each and every one of us (hereafter “TOOLS”).


NOTICE: Our information is without the context of the giving of legal-advice (hereafter “NOTICE”).


To inquire for an assessment for further mentoring with our UNIVERSITY, via calling the phone number 505-340-3632 or any other telephone number, e-mail address or communication in any way as a means to speak with a teacher (hereafter “SESSION”);  is with the following conditions:


1) you agree with the above stated notice; and


2) that you agree that all Communication is PRIVATE, confidential, and without the agreement of monitoring; and


3) that you agree that any discussion of the UNIVERSITY about AGREEMENTS, PARTNERS, TOOLS, or any other matter not mentioned in this PRIVATE-NOTICE is without the inclusion of “legal advice”; and


4) that you agree that the jurisdiction and context of every communication between the UNIVERSITY and the RECIPIENT is in private,


5) that you agree that the contents of the SESSION are not for public distribution; and that any public distribution of recordings, writings, or ideas discussed in the session are subject to a fine of $500,000.00; and


6) that you agree to waive all right, remedy, or recourse to sue the UNIVERSITY, its agents, members, teachers, successors, or assigns for the AGREEMENTS discussed, offered, or procured in each SESSION; and


7) you agree that once you receive the service or product as a result of the tuition donation; the only refund is for that the payment is repeatedly not delivered and that you have made attempts four times or more without response or without sufficient response for a timely fulfillment; and that once the teaching is initiated, or notice of significant preparation for the teaching is initiated, that no refund shall be warranted or shall be at the sole-discretion of the UNIVERSITY;


8) that you agree that the discussion of any ideas or concepts in each session are merely for educational and teaching purposes; and that the information discussed in each SESSION as it applies to the individual may have unique results on an individuals personal case, cases, or controversy; and that the RECIPIENT may have a result contrary as to what was depicted in each SESSION;


9) the paperwork provided to the RECIPIENT is not to be used by the RECIPIENT for any legal case in any court-of-law or court-at-law; but is merely a representation to teach or educate the RECIPIENT as per the mission statement in this UNIVERSITY; and


10) the paperwork or SESSION is without the exclusion of any competent legal counsel and we strongly encourage the RECIPIENT to strongly consider obtaining competent legal counsel or to strongly consider both the risks and advantages of utilizing any knowledge gained privately by the UNIVERSITY; and


11) the UNIVERSITY takes no risks, liability, or responsibility for any outcome, if you choose to utilize any of the knowledge gained in the SESSION, or otherwise gained at the UNIVERSITY or through an agent thereof.



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