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The full name of this drug "Finasteride" and it is intended for the comprehensive improvement of the skin, hair and nails. That is, the complex Propecia can be adopted with various objectives. But vitamins Propecia many people took including to stop hair loss. Regarding efficacy of the complex against hair loss reviews in most cases positive. This is because vitamins do arrest the hair loss has improved the condition of existing and accelerated their growth, but also stimulated the emergence of new hairs from previously "sleeping" follicles.

People who took Finasteride, noted that to achieve good and lasting clinical effect (stopping hair loss) it is necessary to drink quite a long course – 2 – 3 months. However, according to the afflicted women, such a long course is justified because the hair cease to fall out, become thicker, stronger and more beautiful.

A small number of negative reviews about vitamins Propecia is due to the fact that the drug was ineffective, or the person was expecting the "best" effect. Negative reviews of Merz mainly emotional, the people in them expressed their disappointment, not pointing to the objective data obtained during use. In such reviews usually the leitmotif sounds the phrase – I was hoping/was that the hair loss will stop, and they did not help! Definitely understand the disappointment and resentment of a man can be, but do not forget that the cause of hair loss has not been established, and the merc was taken at random, on the advice of friends, acquaintances, pharmacists, reviews, etc.

Pharmacy - hair loss : Finasteride 5mg?

Therefore, in such situations, when the drug is not chosen on the basis of surveys, it is necessary to be morally ready for his possible failure, do not despair and look for other means. In addition, it is not necessary to forget that each person is different, and he could simply not be suitable for these vitamins.

However, a characteristic feature of Propecia 1mg is the lack of information about any unpleasant sensations or side effects related to its intake. Moreover, these data do not exist both in a negative and positive reviews. This fact allows us to conclude that the merc is the most safe "vitamins of beauty" from the point of view of the development of discomfort and side effects.