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Understand Contract Law and You Win is the Top Rated company to help with the powerful SECURED PARTY CREDITOR (SPC) filing process OR to go beyond with HOLDER-IN-DUE-COURSE (HDC) Status over individual court cases, debt instruments, and/or adhesion contracts. One additional step is to become an EXPATRIATE (EXPAT) which takes many years and is way more involved and requires doing away with your Social Security Number (SSN) all together (meaning no more lines of credit or credit cards, or government benefits). We pride ourselves on prioritizing EDUCATION, YOUR CONCERNS, DETAILS, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and motivations of LOVE first, rather than volume of customers. Therefore we are selective and do not chose to work with just anybody.

For the past 13 years, our clients have expressed rave reviews. Their feedback shows that we are most Accurate, Efficient, and Effective at Status Correction, Sovereignty Education, Private Trusts, Asset Protection, and Debt Elimination. (“SPC” for short) Our most popular service and the one that almost everybody starts with is the Secured Party Creditor walk-through process, also called “SPC DONE WITH U”.  The main point of the process is to have State-filed documents (more than 30) in total, expressing and articulating taking your NAME and therefore your rights back from any/all Corporations and Government bodies. This can be done around the world, not just in North America.

The main point of UCC filings and the numerous Affidavits, Fee Schedule, Copyright, and Hold Harmless agreements is that when you pay the State’s Secretary filing office for example, for a gun permit, driver license, medical license, or other – that is the State government’s filing office certification that you will never and should never be charged with unlawful guns, driving with no license, or practicing medicine with no license, respectively. By collecting the fee and issuing the certified document such as a license, or permit, the State itself is certifying that you have the right or permission to do what it says on those documents (carry a gun, drive, be a doctor, etc).

The UCC-1 and UCC-3 (Amendments to your original) filings, work the same way – what’s written on the forms/documents is prima facie evidence of the law related to you, your name, and your property; and anything to the contrary is hypocritical and probably just a challenge and test to see if you know enough and will cower down to false threats.

The UCC filings have been upheld by Judge’s in Court’s of law in all civilized countries that pride themselves on a free citizenry and a Constitution of, for, and by it’s people(s). Therefore, these won’t work in Communist style governments like China, Cuba, etc. But your UCC’s will be stamped by the Secretary of State, and then, the logic and reality is, we don’t really want to hear from any agent or officials why they do not believe the rights we’ve expressed are phony or frivolous, and yes, we have also taught many members/constituents to learn this stuff well enough to uphold it in court, or with banks or corporations trying to extract or extort money, property, or anything of value from you or your trust(s) or businesses.

We have paralegals and lawyers that work with us but we do not practice law and you need to learn this stuff well in advance of any court situation because we do not help you by practicing law. Therefore, if you plan to have legal issues or challenge something years from now, the time to pay for education is FAAAAR in advance of when you have any issue(s). 

Click on the links on our website to learn more, and watch some of the free Videos and Audios to hear why it is our Empowering Educational consultants, who stand by you throughout the whole status correction process, is what makes your best choice. We also help do other things such as set up LLC’s, Credit Repair and support with obtaining Credit Lines, and Education or Processes to deal with debt or false allegations, as well as education and referrals to help with claim(s) to recoop financial awards for your rights being violated, ignored, or stomped on. 

We are normal down-to-earth people just like you, who at one time realized that this info is way too important to take someone’s word for, without examining and verifying what actually works, and the ability to test every theory out there. We have amassed a great deal of experience, and with a new confusing theory popping up on youtube every six months for the past ten years, we will just say here the following:  actual experience beats every theory you see on the internet. Experience is the key to unlocking the truth. Operating from truth is the only option, operating from falsehood does nobody in your life nor yourself any good.

Notice that we also kindly wave past any jerks, clowns, entitled or ungrateful people, or disrespect. It is OK and we welcome any sincere challenge from any constituents looking for truth, we do not act unkind towards you just because you may believe in some other processes. What we always say is ‘show me the proof’ and that usually ends the conversation about competing theories. If you treat us lovingly and with respect you may find especially in the long run that you get back 10 or 100 fold the returns of money, energy, and value to make your life more wonderful. We can’t promise this to all because there are quite a lot of people in our network, and for those too shy or busy to reach out, well you just won’t be up to date with all the things we are doing as much.

With rising costs due to Biden-flation, our time is more valuable than ever in our history. Lots of other challenges and problems have sprung up in the world especially since what happened in 2020, but that is also an opportunity to “wake people up” to the evil in this world, get funding from banks which is easier than ever, and new reasons to learn and master remedies in both law and equity.  In a perfect world, we would love a benefactor to buy us out so that we do not need receipts or exchanges of any kind to keep us afloat. Since that has not happened yet, we reserve the right to be compensated. (But if that bothers you, you can take advantage of our free videos on this website and our Youtube Channel (no new posts for many years, on PURPOSE, in order to keep our tribe where we actually hang out instead…when you become a paid client you will learn what is way better than youtube to learn from us), as well as our “Free Documents“, and occassionaly free emails, webinars, and/or conference calls by joining our e-newsletter (ongoing for 13 years).

We also supply a variety of freely available information, and offer personalize support for a donation. If you wish to proceed with our personalized services, for 90% of all Callers, the first place to start is the “SPC DONE WITH U” service. 

The “SPC DONE WITH U explained:

The SPC DONE WITH U encompasses all that you need to become a secured party creditor and the basics on how to operate as a secured party creditor. It includes:

a) Educating you about what the SPC process does and what it doesn’t do;

b) Gathering Your Information from your Birth Certificate, Your Address/Birthday/etc, and selecting of co-trustee and beneficiaries and their addresses;

c) Our detail-oriented clerical typists preparing over 80 pages of paperwork including Affidavits, Forms such as W8, F56, Bond for Deposit to set up Treasury Discharge Appointment, UCC1 and UCC3 forms, an Enforceable Reservation of Rights, Trust Declaration, Trust Meeting Minutes, and Discharging Your Birth Certificate;

d) A consultant working with you, to send to you One Step at a time, so that it is easy to do “step by step”, holding your hand, answering your questions, encouraging you, and checking your work (reviewing all your signatures to see if you missed anything), so that then you finally mail or record various documents;

e) Your Consultant & Experienced Director teaches you how to look up your UCC-1 that you posted online at Secretary of State UCC section in your Region state, to show you how to know that it is filed, to double check for accuracy, and to in many cases like in New York, it’s needed to order a Certified Copy – for various reasons and what those reasons are;

f) An experienced director checking to make sure that your Treasury Discharge Appointment was set up correctly;

g) Walk through for all your other Notices to go out where they need to;

h) Walking you through board Meeting Minutes, Board Resolutions, such as to open a bank account, including troubleshooting and all the information on how to get bank accounts for TRUST’s open, and all the nuances and issues that can sometimes come up;

i) Walking you through the process of TEACHING you to get an EIN for this irrevocable trust (or any other entity), so you learn and can now set up other trusts or llc’s or other companies that need EIN’s, so that you can not rely on others to get EIN’s or set up entities for you (some people are now equip to set up as many entities as they wish);

j) Walking you through the verbal role play to get your bank account for a/the Trust opened; and in some respects with or without a SSN (and why this choice is not that significant, after all and what the other decisions that truly are signficiant and why you should focus on them once this process is done);

k) Providing sample forms, and walking you through if needed, how to switch your 1099/W9 and/or W4/W2 (or non-U.S. equivilant forms) Relationship to YOUR TRUST – this may create immense TAX SAVINGS and ASSET PROTECTION to prevent lien/levy/seizure/garnishment (in *Most Cases*), if you know what you are doing [disclaimer: you should never jump into something without first learning first, and you will need should check with a tax professional or become one yourself from studying the tax laws in your jurisdiction];

l) Answering any other questions so that you learn how to operate a Trust; and to continue your education, to suggest books or PDFs online so that you can always build upon your foundation(s) and learn even more over the course of your life;

m) Approximately 15-45 phone calls, texts, emails back and forth to get this all done whilst educating and training you how to live PRIVATELY as an SPC yet use your TRUST to interact with the PUBLIC entities!

By itself, the SPC Process is not a one-all-be-all process, but the START of a journey towards total independence, in ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. It can be best analogous to owning a car. It is valuable, it is an asset, and also you should learn how to drive, how to make friends, how to navigate a map, how to use a GPS, how to hook up your favorite music to play in the car for the ride, as well as tuned into the weather and perhaps traffic updates.

Most importantly of all, you need to have a destination in mind when you start the car, and the openness to also go off course on your journey and perhaps wind up at either a much better destination than you ever expected, or a few side stops that gave you fun, value, and fixed a few other unintended problems along the way. Again, I (Tyler speaking here), can’t stress enough how my journey was exactly that – a “journey” and by being truly open, I am in much a better place than I ever anticipated.

By the Time You Are Done with the SPCDONEWITHU arrangement, You Will Have at least Five Things Under Your Belt:

1._Experiential Knowledge, with Forms you can Use Again or Copy, to teach others and help your family to protect their Assets and keep more of it’s heard earned money.

2. Now you have your setup with the Treasury to Discharge certain accounts, court cases, or debts. We recommend to take some EDU Courses to learn about those processes, but you also can just jump right in and work with our team by hiring us to help you tackle those debts.

3. Now you have a FEE SCHEDULE for the violation of your rights. As long as you have this in place BEFORE your rights are violated, you can sue in COMMON LAW and win very large amounts of money from the State, and get designated “DO NOT DETAIN” because you know too much !!  When done with SPC, ask about our EDU courses to learn more on this.

4. Ability for certain people to pay less Taxes and even (in most cases) stop with-holdings from your paycheck, and the ability to file a 1041 and write off all beneficiaries/trust’s living expenses as tax deductions (Disclaimer: check with your tax experts/preparer, we are not tax experts and do not give tax advice). 

5. Protection of your Assets/Property/Funds from liens, levies, garnishments, and seizures & training in order to maintain and uphold your separation and protection of assets.

Here’s what people have to say about working with us – also after reading this page, see more like this at the Testimonials section.


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Not Sure About Something? Then Call Us to have a conversation and bounce your feelings, thoughts, and confusion by our consultants – who are almost all constituents just like yourself who one day, decided to get a package of consultations with Tyler and eventually got clarity from those numerous conversations – and now our most loving clients are here to serve you and help them get over their confusion, hesitation, or procrastination. All procrastination is rooted in something psychological and if you just talk it out with us you will probably figure out what is holding you back.  Give us a call and we’ll help you decide if the SPC is even right for you as the first step, or to decide which other services you’d like, or if we have any special bonus for buying several products/services together as a bundle.

Our Sales Consultants are here to answer your questions that you have. We encourage you to call to become acquainted with our phone consultant before signing up, as we like to get to know our members and their intentions and goals! 🙂   [If we truly can’t help you, we will try our best to guide you to some other resource.]

Before calling however, PLEASE make sure you have reviewed the following materials, at least once, to make sure any of your presumptions about what this process is and what it can or can not do, are properly rebutted and/or accurate!

Download “What Is The Secured Party TRUST” audio by clicking here
2) The WEBINAR REPLY video [first video of the Status Correction Course]
3) Debt Discharge audio or text on the page
4) Accepted for Value Doesn’t Work / Guy Scratching Head “Read Why Here” link
5) Join our Free e-Newsletter, we send out Weekly Free Audio Lessons from Tyler and others! Plus a free “Video Deprogramming Series” link.

The SPC DONE WITH U is a blend between experts ensuring your SPC filings are done accurately and efficiently; and you also maintaining control of the motions of signing, mailing, and filing your documents *So That You Learn Through Experience*!

Three of our experienced staff will review with immaculate detail and care, while you still having the freedom and empowerment of YOU DOING EVERYTHING YOURSELF – it’s like having Your Very Own Personal Mentor.

This process will guarantee that you are set up as a Full-Fledged “SPC”/ Secured Party Creditor over your ALL CAPS BIRTH NAME TRUST, and highest lien-holder over it. In addition, you the living breathing human, who never engages in any contracts or commerce or applications, is always in the republic/common law as a Private Citizen (i.e. republic State Citizen of a union state). You maintain your sovereignty by never waiving a right in exchange for a benefit, because you personally Never Contract away your rights to or for anyone. Your ALL CAPS TRUST NAME is the only party that contracts (similar to having another LLC or Corporation that signs contracts, and any liability that occurs, the adversarial party must sue the LLC or Corp, and NOT YOU PERSONALLY).

In addition, the SPC TRUST offers the benefits of Asset Protection, Estate Planning, and preventing of most liens, levies, and garnishments, plus the ability to plan a different Tax Savings strategy by depositing all money into the Trust (you must first replace the contract being with the SSN# to the EIN#, in effect re-starting a new contract, filling out a new W9 form, for example). We give you the tools to read and understand, and we encourage you to study and learn before doing but we can bring you there quickly and we also walk you through opening up your TRUST/EIN bank account so you can have Asset Protection. This will be the entity that owns any LLCs or Corporations, not your old Corporate Citizen/SSN entity. Now you have many options living this way that you did not have before.

As an SPC you can also discharge many public debts, but not private debts. No party will ever get paid any units, setoffs, credits, or money. So you have to use discernment and use the discharge of debts process wisely. For example, your ex-spouse or children will not get any money if you discharge child support.

This material is only eligible to be granted to the hands of those spiritually evolved enough to be trustees of God, to handle and hold the information with gratitude and great care, not to exploit it, but to honor it and always to mater it before prematurely teaching it to others who are not ready, or whom it may hurt.

The SPC DONE WITH U is our MOST POPULAR SERVICE we offer, and it is especially for those who are serious about becoming an SPC, getting your UCCs filed, plus Trust, plus Trust bank account, plus Asset Protection/Estate Planning, plus Debt Discharge Account setup, plus Reservation of Rights as beneficiary of the Bill of Rights and party to it – filed on public record also. The SPC DONE WITH U is recommended as the first step for those who need a remedy of some kind. For an extra $350 we offer a full case evaluation to see if working with us is right for you, or, we may offer that included as part of a package. Call to talk with a consultant about a bundle sign up package to both become an SPC and get your case/situation evaluated at the same time (this will save you time waiting later).

Please make sure to read the contract fully and to contact a consultant directly, 505-340-3632 extension 1 for Sales/Inquiries, to talk to a Consultant for free.


Listen to This Audio to Understand the SPC Trust and the Entire SPC/UCC Process:


Download “What Is The Secured Party TRUST” audio by clicking here

Then there are additional layers of security and protection, and lessons with a possible lifelong mentorship with Tyler, where you can get easy access to learn how to manuver in the world as a “Secured Party Creditor over Your ALL CAPS BIRTH NAME TRUST” and over the US-Corporation (if you are a Creditor you can offset debt as well, but not all kinds have consistent success).  We also offer an EMPOWER YOURSELF PACK for those who do not wish to do 1-on-1 mentoring with Tyler on specific goals/issues.  See for detailed info about what we are able to accomplish in the field currently.

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