If you’ve gotten your FIRST notice from a debt collector, as you probably know, you have only 30 days to reply in writing to formally dispute the validity of the debt. Therefore, here we’ve provided some simple responses for you to send, to be sure you comply with the 30 day window.

Although these responses Are Not Remedy in themselves, they Do Accomplish the Goal of Buying you Time.

For example, let’s say you want to become a Secured Party Creditor, open your Treasury Direct Account to zero out the debt, all this takes months and months of time and delicate expertise to accomplish.


THEREFORE, we’ll provided these letters here free for all, so that you can buy time before you can start the full remedy (such as discharge, etc).


Without further ado here’s the letters:


Part 1: Simple Dispute Notice


Part 2: Debt Collector Disclosure Statement attachment


Once you’ve bought yourself that time, feel free to get in touch with UCL at 505-340-3632 to Discharge Your Debt

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