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Empower Yourself With a Contract Education:

You can use understanding contract law to do the following things:


1) Improve the Quality of Communication, Reduce Arguments in Your Personal Life, Foster Harmony Among your staff, co-workers, neighbors, and family


2) Contract with Debt Collectors to get them to go away and agree to eradicate the debt through tacit agreement!


(“tacit agreement” – Implied by or inferred from actions or statements.
Law Arising by operation of the law rather than through direct expression.)


3) Get yourself out of “Troubling situations” with any other corporations including but not limited to three letter agencies that many people fear or have trouble with – IRS, FBI, FTC, FDA, DMV, DOJ, USA, etc.


Let’s cover some basic concepts:

Almost the whole procedure of human life implies or rather is the continual fulfillment of contracts.


In colloquial speech, people often talk of “signing a contract.” Strictly speaking, this is inaccurate terminology. The contract is the legal relationship between the parties,k and the document that is signed is actually the record or memorial of that contract. [pg 57, Contracts: Examples and Explanations by Brian A. Blum]


In determining whether or not a person agreed to a contract or specific contractual terms, the person’s manifested conduct by words or action is given more weight than her testimony about her actual intentions. An emphasis on the objective appearance of assent is important not only because of evidentiary considerations (that is, it is easier to prove because it is observable) but also because one of the fundamental values of contract law is that a person should be held accountable for words or acts reasonably manifesting intent to contract, and threat the other party, acting reasonably, should be entitled to rely on that manifestation of assent. [page 10]


When an organization contracts, it is represented by an authorized officer who acts as its agent. [page 59] Your name in ALL CAPS (i.e. JOHN DOE) is a legal entity (a “corporation” or trust that was set up with your birth certificate). When you are contracting on behalf of your STRAWMAN – i.e. JOHN DOE, you are acting as the agent, or authorized representative in a similar way as to how an agent or employee of GENERAL MOTORS or IBM would go to court on behalf of that corporation. GENERAL MOTORS is a fiction, or dead entity, a piece of paper. It must be represented by an agent.





You have two options, you can either go in as the agent, or you can go in as surety for the JOHN DOE name/trust/entity.


Video Showing a Judge Admitting you can go to court as the agent for your legal entity:




So, what is surety?


One definition is “a party (the guarantor) who assumes responsibility for the (debt) obligation of a borrower if that borrower defaults.” Another definition is “a person who is primarily liable for teh payment of another’s debt or the performance of another’s obligation.” Further it is stated, “Although a surety is similar to an insurer, one important difference is that a surety often receives no compensation for assuming liability.”


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