David ClarenceDavid Clarence is one of the people who popularized the executor letter.


What David Clarence Schroll teaches is the use of the Executor Letter as it relates to the trust that was established when we were born. This trust was established when the birth certificate was applied for. The trust is tied to an estate that is said to have unlimited worth because it consists of all the energy and value we create throughout our entire lifetime.


An executor is the person who administers the affairs of the estate. And the reason we get into trouble is because the courts presume that we are the trustee of the trust that is tied to the estate. This trust that was created for us when we were born is considered a constructive trust because it’s never written down, it is not an express trust, where it says who is who and what is what. In a constructive trust, the court gets to construe, who the trustee is. The trustee is the slave to the trust, indentured trust. The trustee is the slave to the grantor’s wishes for the benefit of the beneficiaries. So, this is why we always seem to get into trouble when we have a run in with the court system. If the courts decide we are the trustee, then we are liable for what the trust/tradename/strawman has done, ie: accrued debt, committed a crime etc..


David Clarence’s teaching of the executor letter is for the purpose of cornering public officials and ridding yourself of being involved in court proceedings. And there are many websites where people claim to have had great success simply by presenting an “executor letter” It is a letter that these people have written and sent to the courts. It basically says “prove to me that you have the authority to administer the estate” “written authority”, “if you don’t prove your authority to administer the estate, then you are committing fraud.” This in itself is very good to force the public officials to prove their authority, however, do not be surprised if you are tested even after sending in this letter.


It is also import to know that the executor letter David Clarence teaches about is not the magic document that will make everything disappear.There are still other things you need to know, such as obtaining a ein series 98. Also, if you’re going to go that route, you need to make sure IRS and  IMF, social security administration file, and all other government agency files, that normally show you are the trustee, are updated and corrected to reflect that you have stepped into the office of executor.


As you can see, there is always more to these kinds of processes than meets the eye. It will never be about filling one “magic” letter or ucc or any one document. It is all about changing your life completely and knowing that your “status” comes from within you and no one can take it away, then following up that knowingness with the most complete and appropriate process to put everyone on notice of your status. If you do all the appropriate actions, you will successfully maneuver your way out from under the suffocating grip of the current system.


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