At this time we CAN NOT accept anymore new clients to help with foreclosure defense support. There are simply too many people that ask for help and too few that provide excellent customer service and support! This is a temporary problem, and we are working to fix this.

All the remedies that our experts are working to make available, are only available to our **Full-Fledged Secured Party Creditors** only (click here to see if you have done all the steps). So if you were looking to work with any post-SPC/Status Corrected remedies, then we strongly recommend you get your SPC steps in order, especially since the process can take several months to complete!

In the meantime, we encourage you to keep on doing the standard defenses you probably already are doing or have read about that can work very effectively to delay the foreclosure and at least buy you time:

1. Demand the note,
2. File bankrtupcy to delay
3. Treat the company suing you as a third party debt collector under FDCPA
4. Accept the deed
5. Answer to Complaint rebutting all their points

Any of that stuff that is floating around out there is all good for delay, but still very hard to get a permanent resolution and close out the matter permanently, and if so it takes years of fighting and court litigation and a trial usually !!!

We are working to find people who do this in less time, out of court, of which we are in contact with. However, they can not handle doing such a good job on so many clients. Although we are working very hard to hire more people to help and increase their workload, we can not promise that we can get you help in time. However, Most of our contractors require you be an SPC to do their remedy.

Therefore, I invite you to review our website and talk to our staff about the SPC process, it’s free of charge, there is no cost to it. Becoming an SPC through the SPCDONEWITHU service is the most popular item and you get the most value for your donation. You will get all the necessary documents filed correctly, while still maintaining control by **you doing it** so that you learn every step, as well as the education of how to do the process. The average client saves over $5000 per year in Tax Savings by using their EIN/TRUST in place of their SSN for all new W-9 and sometimes even W-4 contracts. There are Many Many other advantages – Reservation of Your Rights with Fee Schedule, as well as the most powerful Asset Protection setup that any attorney would charge $4000 or more for; capacity to appear as a man in common law whereas in the past, the courts can NOT recognize you; as well as the Capacity to of discharge certain public debts (mostly Large Court Judgments,Tax Liens, and Large Student Loans and Credit Cards over $15,000 only if you want to shut down the accounts). Please make sure you see all the advantages of doing this process and/or discuss your goals with a consultant on the telephone (NOT EMAIL) for free, so we can get to know you and where you are at. Let’s decide together if it’s right for you. Call us! However, FIRST MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING BEFORE CALLING:


Please First READ/STUDY:







7. JOIN OUR FREE E-NEWSLETTER for weekly supplemental audio lessons and guides NOT LISTED online! This is the huge benefit of being on our LIST.


PLEASE REVIEW ALL/STUDY ALL before beginning and before asking beginner level questions that are already answered on the website and in these materials. After we invite you to call for a free consultation to discuss the SPC process, answer your questions, we will always be upfront truthful and honest with you in any/all expectations!! If you become an SPC, you can then and only then exercise your rights in the private jurisdiction by invoking certain private/common law remedies (but NOT as a CORPORATE CITIZEN/SLAVE).



If you have success in helping people stop foreclosure, and wish to work with UCL, here is how you apply:

1. Send us any documentation on how the foreclosure action concluded, along with documentation to prove/show part of what you did. (required)
2. Send us the property address so we can verify any mortgage lien removal, if any. (if you are claiming lien removal success)
3. Show us proof from cases at least 2 years old so that we can see that this didn’t get reversed and/or that the attorneys/banks did not come back on the property from a new angle a subsequent time. (required)
4. Show us at least two cases you have won, preferably three to five if you have them. (required)
5. Provide your client’s email or phone, and/or be willing to bring them into the conversation to vouch for your results. (required)
6. Please provide at least two professional references (business partners, employees, other contacts) to vouch for you. (required)

ABOUT US:   UCL has a loyal membership list of over 9,000 members. Partnership with UCL is estimated to earn you and your firm an estimated exepected revenue of conservatively $120,000+ per year, possibly up to $600,000 or more, from our referral base. SEND US THE PROOF – IT’S WORTH IT!

REMEMBER:  You must have ALL FIVE REQUIRED FIELDS and the SIXTH if you claim lien removal success.

As you can see, UCL has a VERY STRICT criteria before endorsing any supporter, legal assistant, or company to offer any services. We are NOT a fan of our members wasting their money or simply “buying time” and then loosing in time anyway.

If you do not send all the required proof, we may choose to not acknowledge you with a reply. Before calling us and “talking up a good game”…. we will NOT take your calls.  Instead, “Show me the proof” is our motto, there will be no exceptions.

INSTRUCTIONS: Sign up to Our Email Newsletter and email us the proof.


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