State National NOT CITIZEN Passport: What You Need to Know

1. The Only Passport that is valid comes from the U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT. No Moorish Treaty documents, “Common Law ID” documents, or World Service Authority passport, will be accepted by U.S. CUSTOMS/HOMELAND SECURITY Officials if you are entering the U.S.   What other country’s accept, might be different, but what we care about most is what the U.S. HOMELAND SECURITY/CUSTOMS accepts as legit and allows you “into the Country through a Port of entry”. If you can’t get back into the uSA from abroad, then whatever documents you have are mostly worthless. I say mostly, because, you should be able to use those other forms of ID for some other helpful purposes (such as Notarizing a document, proof of identity domestically for certain situations, second form of ID for opening a postal box, etc.)

2. The State National but NOT a U.S. CITIZEN Passport, has the exact same look, feel, and color as the U.S. CITIZEN Passport. If you look on the first page of the inside cover, it does say that all whom you pass by, “to allow the following National/Citizen” respect, protection, and aid, etc etc. National/Citizen means National OR Citizen; as the Booklet itself nor the Cover does not tell anyone looking at it, WHICH of the two you are.  So as you see the passport is already designed to be identical for BOTH Nationals and Citizens. There ARE some rumors and outright wrong things being said on other websites, podcasts, workshops, conference calls, and youtube videos, that there is a magical “5 Star Passport”, or “Red Book Passport”. When in fact we have done our research and found all of these ideas to be WRONG AND NON-EXISTENT. The Passport Book and Card all looks the same in your hands.  The only difference is kept internal – inside the HOMELAND SECURITY AND U.S. CUSTOMS/IMMIGRATION COMPUTERS.

3. Therefore, there is no benefit to trying to apply for a Passport as a National if the use is to brag and impress to your friends, which I would love to do myself, only problem is the Passport will be BLUE, have the SAME number of “Stars” behind your photo, and NOTHING at all will be different on the outside!

4. If you already have a U.S. PASSPORT BOOK from the U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT, you are fine!! KEEP IT!! No need to send it in or resubmit as what you have will not reduce the rights you have. Do your SPC Process, and from the moment your UCC-1 Financing Statement is accepted and stamped by the Secretary of State – THAT SECRETARY OF STATE FILING, overrides any data in any government database whatsoever. Therefore, even if **YEARS AGO** you submitted the US Passport application, as a “U.S. CITIZEN” with a “SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER”, you are FINE!! KEEP AS IS! Nothing else is needed to do to maintain your status as a private state national who has allegiance to the republic government of the u-nited several States and the State/republic that you call home and/or were born in. YOU ARE a State National by virtue of your UCC-1 declaration. A sworn statement on public record rescinding your past mistakes, overrides anything done or filed in the “Past”. Do you get that??

5. Many other websites that promise to help with National Passport applications, say that you can only submit with your SSN or it will be rejected. And that use of the SSN on your application is “OK” in order to get the application for Passport accepted. This is not true. The government registers your application as a CITIZEN when you write down a SSN on the form.

6. We have seen numerous cases of our SPC DONE W U members, get passports with leaving the SSN form blank, because the truthful statement is that the living man (NOT the corporate fiction ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS “NAME”) does not “have” a social security number as it’s a separate entity. Passports have been issued and accepted in this manner, we have many testimonials. However, everyone’s ease of acceptance is case-by-case as there are a number of factors as to what records the government will have on you and if they will reject it. If you are an Inner Circle member and have studied the materials, you may request an Assessment Evaluation for risk-factor for rejection vs. acceptance of your Passport as a State National.

7. If you attempt to submit a Passport as the rare special status of a State National but NOT a U.S. CITIZEN, and you fail on your first attempt, it can mess with your chances of a second try ever again. Basically, think that they will “Red Flag” your name and application, and then scrutinize and object to your attempt to subsequent submission. For this reason it is recommended that unless you need a Passport to travel abroad, that you HOLD OFF on applying until you have done your diligence and research and are certain your submission has the highest likelihood of acceptance.

8. If you attempt to apply for a Passport as a National OR a CITIZEN, if your application is incomplete or not completed, the U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT will keep whatever fee(s) you’ve submitted and the State Department does not issue refunds!

9. If you do meet in person a Passport agent, to submit your documents the first time, it is likely they will try to get you to change your answers. However, politely decline and state you are well aware of who you are and what your nationality and answers are, and that you are respectfully not going to take their legal advice. Tell them politely to “submit it and let the cards fall where they may”, even if they believe it will be rejected. Viola! And to your surprise, your submission will be accepted as your Passport Book arrives in the mail.  🙂

10. Don’t get me wrong, if you are applying for a Passport for the first time and would like to fill it out consistent with your State National allegiance to the republic rather than the Old Corporation way you were taught, and that’s what you want to do, go ahead and get with us, study the video in the EMPOWER YOURSELF PACK, and get the information available to study, and make your own legal decisions for yourself! I believe in the National Passport, but we have also been able to win for people, protect people, and obtain status for people, with keeping their old passport the way it is! Either way is fine, and also, the crux of the matter is this – a National Passport is NOT a “Get out of Jail Free Card”. You can and will still be charged with any statutory crimes, as the National Passport is not enough to make yourself untouchable. It, along with your SPC status only gives you the evidence that fits the “Federal Rules of Evidence” in order to have a VERY STRONG POSITION to respond, and rebut, any allegations of jurisdiction in any court proceedings. Your SPC DOCUMENTS and/or National Passport APPLICATION (if you kept an identical copy of your application) is EXCULPATORY Evidence against jurisdiction, in any/all FEDERAL CASES. In State cases, civil or criminal, this argument does not directly apply since the crux of the dispute has nothing to do with “U.S. Citizenship” as if STATE OF TEXAS is suing you, arguing that you are not a US Citizen is a moot point.

11. At this point there is so many people calling about Passports, and we wish to put out this info because it’s become burdensome to call numerous people back by phone every day and explain one-on-one.  As people are severely missing the mark due to unfounded rumors or misinterpretations on the weight of significance about this Passport and what it will give you.

12. What will cause you to win a case, dispute, or controversy, is not your Passport, but is how you REBUT, REPLY, RESPOND, and MOVE your Defense OR Offense, and what type of EVIDENCE you present, if you know enough to shift the burden of proof to the other side whenever possible, and to just know more about the Court’s local rules and Court procedure than the other party cares to push back at you. It’s the knowledge and experience, more than a special passport application being accepted, that makes up 70-80% of the liklihood of determining an outcome. The passport could possibly help, and make up perhaps 10% of your game. The SPC process will make up another 20% of your game. But without putting your statements, points, and arguments in writing, typed up neatly and succinct recognizable legal arguments, with the form of an appropriate MOTION to the court at the right time in the procedure, then you have a low chance of success!   The following analogy makes a good point:  “owning the best gun in the world without having done any target practice is not going to make yourself very useful or successful in an emergency!”.

13. How to be effective at winning disputes, controversies, matters, cases,, is not taught in a weekend. Those members who are with us over a period of time, will be able to study ample material in the EMPOWER YOURSELF PACK and have the opportunity to have numerous conversations with our team, and over the course of time have resources to gain more information, skill, and knowledge. If you have a COURT MATTER, learning court procedure is essential whenever resolution outside of court through private processes is not possible or is too late.

14. With all this stated, the U.S. State Department has CEASED issuing new passports, unless it’s a “life-or-death emergency,” in an effort to help stop the spread of coronavirus. On it’s website, the State Department asked Americans to **avoid international travel at this time** due to the coronavirus. In line with that, it will only issue passports to Americans with a qualified emergency. Therefore, UCL suggests it is NO USE trying to apply for a Passport right now, and very difficult and dangerous to travel abroad as it is.  Therefore, bunker down and STUDY the materials we have that are more powerful and useful anyway! Such as the EMPOWER YOURSELF PACK and/or a one-on-one consultation or inquiry for your particular issue or question(s).

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State National NOT CITIZEN Passport: What You Need to Know


State National NOT CITIZEN Passport


State National NOT CITIZEN Passport: What You Need to Know


State National NOT CITIZEN Passport

State National NOT CITIZEN Passport: What You Need to Know


State National NOT CITIZEN Passport




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