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Tyler here, and I Just wanted to share something with you that might help our your financial future.  I’ve been building online business for the past 5 years, and although eventually after thousands of hours in front of the computer, I’ve learned how to generate sales, income, profits online through niche websites (like this one that you are on)…. and I’ve duplicated it across a multitude of niches (health and wellness, contract law, financial services, personal development, etc)…


But,  this is sort of not something I would not really recommend for most – because it’s a ton of work!  It requires a LOT of patience, technical skills, and of course – sales and marketing skills, which most people do not have. And although sales and marketing skills can be taught and developed to anyone wishing to learn them, it takes time to get good at it.


But check this out!    Just a few months ago, at an internet marketing gathering of thousands of people in Miami, Florida,  I stumbled across the next Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates….I met a team that was committed to making the prospects of setting up a profitable online business model for someone new (like you) extremely simple and easier.   I was introduced to a few multi-millionaires at that conference, and what I learned may completely change your lifestyle and your financial future.

These internet marketing entrepreneurs, weren’t like me, they didn’t have staff, employees, 12 hour days, they didn’t have to build and update their own websites. They created a simple model to get into profit with the system doing 95% of the work.


And when I found that they made more money than me and claimed they worked only 1-2 hours a day, I was more intrigued.  So, naturally, I had to look more into it. I became a customer and bought all the company’s products and have been using them for the last 3 months, and I enjoy the incredible training that I have benefited from. I always thought I was good at marketing and sales, but now my mind is like on steroids chock-full of online success knowledge and new skills.


And now, after 3 months of checking it out in my down time, I’m finally convinced to get fully involved and to re-sell their products and online franchise-style (95% done for you) model, and on October 1, I started a 90 day gameplan which I expect to result towards earning $10,000/month residual income by the end of this calendar year.  Maybe this opportunity is for you to, to own a successful online business just like me??


What impressed me the most is that this system involves NO selling, NO website-building, NO technical skills, and the ability to earn up to 100% commissions on a suite of high-demand high-ticket products marketed towards other business owners.
You can literally earn up to $5,125 on each customer, plus up to $5,125 on each customer on tier 2, tier 3, etc (infinite multi-level’s down).

Another scenario, on the low-ticket products, if you get 20 customers to join and buy the lowest price product (a monthly subscription), you will earn $3,000 residual income. Some pretty cool numbers, for just a small number of customers.  I will be doing a webinar soon for all who have joined showing them some really great math on how FEW customers you need to be successful.
In fact, just TWO customers and you can just about break even on any purchase(s) that you made to pay for the system.


Knowing all that it takes to set up, manage, and run an internet business, I was able to explore the system, experience it myself, and see that 95% of the work truly is done for you. I’m now working this business in only ONE hour a day, aside from UCL of course…


And Here’s Been My Experience In The Last Few Days:


-I already starting to make commissions on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. On Day 7, I earned $193.00 in commissions

-I got set up with an experienced dedicated salesperson to support and sell to my customers….

-That business coach obtained a “profit maximizer” (high-ticket) sale from my customer, that will net me a $3000 commission (pretty cool that he “sold” them and I get paid  :=)   )

-I’ve had dozens of my facebook friends sign up for the free trial and 95% of the people I tell about this are interested.

– I just put in an order for 1000 targetted (business-owner/savy) visitors to my website for only $0.82 per click with an estimated ROI (Return on Investment) of 500%+



I have never felt good about encouraging average people to start or join an online business because of the technical know-how involved…but I can confidently promote this system to my family and friends with integrity knowing that there is NO RISK of paying money, failing to succeed, and then dropping out. There’s 30 day money back guarantee…if your not making commissions in 30 days then get a Full Refund!


My own mom even said she would try it!



So what I’d like you to do, is  go to my site at  http://www.FollowInstructionsMakeProfit.com  and there’s a 6 minute video showing you about this opportunity and the products.



The best is I am building this business in under 1 hour a day and you can too. My sponsor has made over $600,000 in commissions and he has been so helpful and can help out our entire team too.   We’ll be hosting some private coaching webinars with our team once a week to make sure that you succeed.


For the go-getters with big dreams and visions, you should note that this company has produced 14 millionaires so far and 100 individuals have earned over $100,000.


To Your Success,


When you sign up in the system you will be able to Instant Message me or my coach 24/7 for support & help.

Make sure when you sign up to confirm that “Gratitude Enterprises LLC” is your sponsor so that I can support and train you!


Remember, if you DON’T MAKE MONEY, You can Get ALL your money back!!


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