You may call for free at any time, within reason to speak to the UCLAYW staff to get quick answers and get acquainted with our caring family – for free by calling our Hotline at 505-340-3632, Extension 1. There is no fee and no advance notice is necessary. However, during high call volume times, you may be waiting in queue for up to 5 to 10 days for us to reach you and speak for free. Leave a voice message if no live pick up. For quicker call back time, in your voicemail, please leave the TOPIC/CATEGORY of your inquiry, so that someone with knowledge in that issue may call you back sooner.

For experienced experts with consistent successes themselves personally and/or to discuss your unique or rare situation, issue, or goal(s), welcome  you to initiate a Paid Coaching Call To Speak With Our Most Experienced Experts. If this is the case, choose the option below, and pay with any debit or credit card via our Paypal interface (you do NOT need a Paypal account but it is also free to get one). For Bitcoin payment, inquire within. Once you’ve paid and received a confirmation receipt, you can get in line in the queue to do your coaching call by calling our Hotline at: 505-340-3632 and hitting extension #0 for the Paid Coaching Calls department. The estimated wait time is 3 to 6 days, although we also may call you back sooner or be able to speak on the spot.

At this Time, We do NOT offer Coaching Services for:

  1. Foreclosure/Mortgage issues of any kind   (check back later in the year for remedy potentially)
  2. Traffic Ticket or Driving Infractions
  3. “Accessing” Funds from your Birth Certificate/Bond/TDA Account/etc
  4. Discharging Auto Loans
  5. Discrimination Claims

[So if you have your heart set on solely working out one of the five above issues, then we strongly suggest you do not expect a solution that can be replicated from our discussion. However if you insist on discussing and feel that any discussion with an expert can be valuable to you, then by all means go ahead and we look forward to a discussion.]

If you are looking to see the type of issues/inquiries We Currently DO Address & can offer a good job coaching on, First make sure to read/review the entire list at:   www.WhatIsASecuredParty.com PLEASE READ this entirely in FULL.

In addition, we encourage you to study the following materials closely if they relate, as we are expensive so you’ll want to listen to these free materials first, so that you don’t ask questions that are already answered for free on the website:


b. Listened to the SPC TRUST AUDIO

c. Watched the “WEBINAR REPLAY

d. Listened to “DISCHARING DEBT


f. Listen to all or most of the Audios on topics of your interest at “AUDIO LESSONS

g. Join our newsletter (Green/white/gray form) as we send additional information to keep you informed that is not posted on our website

So if you feel you are READY *only after reviewing the website*, then go ahead and pay for a Coaching Call below:


COACHING CALLS WITH TYLER: $200 for One Hour, $250 for 90 minutes, OR $300 for Two Hours. Consulting Phone Call to pick Tyler’s brain about any issue other than the Five Issues listed above. After you pay, it is YOUR responsibility to call. Just call our main number 505-340-3632 and dial extension “0” for previously paid consults. When calling, please provide your paypal payment confirmation number; AND a phone number with a voicemail system that you can be easily reached at during the hours of 4pm to 10pm (usa Eastern Time Zone). If you do not get an answer immediately, leave a voice message and your call will be returned in the order it is received during these hours. During high volume periods, please allow up to three to six business days, although it can often be much sooner.

Consulting Call with Tyler


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