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EMF Netting so you can avoid EMF frequency waves while sleeping or any time throughout the day that you need to take a break from them:

It is my opinion that almost all surgeries are unnecessary and can be avoided by other means. That is especially true for “replacement” surgeries – knee, hip, ankle, or shoulder being the most common. It seems there is an epidemic of replacement surgeries (very expensive). If something only 1% of the cost was available and broadcast on Cable News, a lot of surgeons making millions of dollars per year would be out of work. Proof is in the pudding, so alas, below we’ll show you a case study of a patient scheduled for Knee Replacement Surgery due to “bone on bone” (left side of the X-Ray). One year later the knee is regenerated because with what we know, we can self-correct the entire body alignment so the body, even the bones, can regenerate and heal just like any broken bone or cut you get on your skin (though bones take a bit longer).

In addition, it is my opinion that all damage from car accidents, concusions, blows to the head, especially helpful to MMA or UFC fighters or boxers, or anybody whose fallen off a bike or been in a fist fight or car accident, or fell down a flight of stairs, etc. A lifetime of damage of blows to the head have shifted the skull – and much of that damage can be undone and bringing the skull plates back to their original state. Most Chiropractors do not fix or adjust the skull, but now they can.

Root canals and cavities can all be eliminated or avoided (Even if you are scheduled for root canal surgery, there are tools I’ve personally seen resolve the infection and the surgery subsequently cancelled.

Cognitive or Neurological Disorders – Alzhimer’s, Brain Damage from Stroke(s), Blindness, or any Damage to the Brain has also been reversed with Light Therapy:

Also we have other proofs of Cancer Diagnosis’s being Reversed, not going to post people’s personal information right here, but we can discuss in private.

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