This will be a section of which we post NEWS and updated clarifications about the SPC / UCC filings process, for newcomers and seasoned/filed secured party’s alike.

For those who Know they Want to do the SPC / UCC filing to Redeem One’s Strawman and separate the Corporate Fiction from their flesh and blood living self, and to protect your Strawman-Trust’s Assets under your control, we want to post some important information as well as frequent misconceptions here in this space.




More and More State’s are Rejecting the Secured Party Creditor / UCC Filings that have allowed many to effectively Challenge Court’s Jurisdiction, and Discharge Court-Issued or Non-Court-Issued Debts of several kinds.

In the last Four Years, we have found that from the 8 State’s that still allow SPC Filings, THREE MORE STATE’S are now rejecting them, dropping us down to just 5 State’s who will accept and 45 will will reject.

Unforatuntely, the list of State’s who Routinely Reject and Refuse the SPC Filings is only set to increase. And it’s possible that most of the rest were expected to be phased out by 2020, 2022, or soon thereafter.

We predict that by the year 2025, you very may very well have an Official end to this UCC process as we know it. However, if you STILL HAVE your Master UCC-1 filed, this will not affect you, as your filing as a “Transmitting Utility” will always remain valid and you can continue to add additional Collateral or Affidavits to it.

If/When all UCC-1 Secured Party filings become extinct, you can rest assured tha we will be on top of the way around or modify to accomplish essentially the same thing. However, if you prefer this level of styled filings, and to set your claim over yourself, your name, and your property in place, then you should have your filings in place now, even if you aren’t going to use it for any remedy soon. Once “No State is Left” to accept an SPC-styled UCC-1 filing, there might be a lag-time on obtaining new process as people will splinter off into differing opinions and experimenting new things from scratch. For many who are NOT FILED YET, it may thus take YEARS of digging through the rubble to figure out which new idea or theory will stand the test of time and replace the SPC filings.  For those who missed out on getting their UCC’s filed correctly and in time, will have more confusion, uncertainty, and trial and error.

Therefore, if you’re one of those people who’ve held of on getting your filings done, I highly recommend you get your filings done now rather than later.


Due to pressure from the government, which has been going on for many years already now, many State’s are REJECTING the SPC filings. A Rejection means a lack of a registered security interest and public notice, and usually appears like this:

UCL knows how to get around Rejections, and has a list from trial and error over many years on ways to file in State’s to reduce Rejection; or, appropriate State’s you can jump over and file in while still maintaining an effective filing.


Not all filings are the same. The following scenario can affect the detail on your filing:

If you live in a different state, or were born abroad, or born in a state that you do not live in, the State you file in will be different and unique to these answer(s).

What Address do you use for Employment vs. which is currently Listed On Your Driver License vs. Registered to Vote and Jury Duty vs. several other factors. We need these answers so we can figure out which address is correct for you. Use of the Wrong Address can mean an Ineffective Filing, which could need to be totally re-done in order to become effective.

Do you have a Legal Name Change? A Married Name? Any of these can or may mean an Ineffective Filing if done solo (without our help and expertise).


Bottom line, if you FILE IN THE WRONG STATE, you can have an ineffective filing. Want to know exactly why? Set up a Coaching Call to pick an expert’s brain on this or any of these questions. Or, simply sign up and you may ask as many questions (within reason) while we work with you during the filing & mentorship process.

When you sign up your questions are answered along with the process happened.

You don’t have to know everything, and you will always have higher and higher levels of questions as you advance your skill and experience, I still do to this day after 9 1/2 years of doing this and am still learning new things every week. But make sure you know enough about the process before you do it. And we are here to answer all your questions that come up along the way, before, or during our arrangement to work with you on your filings.

Generally, you also don’t have to always “pay per coaching call” to talk with one of our seasoned experts. Although during times of high volume, we reserve the right to ask if you would be willing to pay to set time aside for a full hour or longer to hear what you are trying to do and try to trouble shoot or offer some help. However, often, our clients whom we find pleasurable to work with are often given free coaching calls from Tyler, Ava, and our other experts, to assess if further support or recommendations are necessary.


On your Trust paperwork, and Your UCC filings, and your Notifications you send out, you’ll need to use:

a. A Valid Address that Accepts Mail the Way It is Written; AND

b. An Address you will have for a While, even if you Move (therefore if you move a lot, have a temporary lease, or live in a hotel, or temporary housing (college dorm, friend’s basement for a few months), do NOT use this address – instead, get yourself a LIFELONG PERMANENT MAILBOX address, OR use a Family Home Address that you will always trust will be there for many years as well as check and show you your mail quickly; AND

c. A Mailing Address Where Your Income is Sent To.

-For those that are working or have worked recently, this is the Same State that your current or last Employer has, but only if you work “On the Books”.

-If Self-Employed instead, wherever you work, for the Business, if “On the Books”.

If on Social Security, Retirement, Pension, Unemployment, Food Stamps, or Government Assistance, this will be the Address on those Checks or Statements.

-Regardless of your scenario as far as where you officially get money from, in many but not all instances this will also be the address on your Driver License or State ID, and where you are Registered to Vote/Jury Duty, and where All your Bills and Other Legal Mail comes to, perhaps this includes Tax Refunds, Car Registration Renewals as well as what was stated above. If you are like most (uncomplicated) people, you have the same Address for everything – Income, Drivers License, Voting, Your Car, etc. Use that address so long as you will still be using it for the next (At Least) 1-2 years.

-If you are planning on moving to another State within the next couple months and you do not have the new address you will move to, we probably will suggest to HOLD OFF on your Filing until you get a permanent address. Or, decide on a lifelong P.O. or private Mailbox near where you will move to and use that.


If you have an ORIGINAL or VERY EARLY VERSION from your parent’s, saved over decades, USE THIS if you have it. Also order an updated one as we may use BOTH and use Numbers on BOTH certificates.

“Certificate of Live Birth” – Look for this Wording; as for any State that offers this, this is the one you’ll need to get.

Certificate of Birth – If you were born in Texas, Illinois, Connecticut, the City of New York, New York State 40+ years ago, or (To Be Updated) any other state’s that we learn about that do NOT issue a “Certificate of Live Birth”, then a “Certificate of Birth” will be correct.

Record of Birth –  NO / IGNORE / NOT USED

Abstract of Birth – NO / IGNORE / NOT USED

If born Abroad, Certificate of Naturalization =   YES, and use this only

If born Abroad, and Permanent Resident =   USE Permanent Resident Card AND Foreign Birth Certificate together


There are many Numbers on the top, side, and/or bottom and even reverse side of your Birth Certificates.

If you have a “Birth Number” listed on the top, that is fully listed, that is GOLDEN. We have a 300% higher chance of Discharge with ease and grace.

If you have a “State File Number” listed on the top, that is fully listed, that is SILVER. We still have effective success, although can take several months longer for discharges to go through the first time.

If your Certificate (BC) has a blank line without the Birth Number or State File Number, you will need to re-order and ensure that they provide this # printed on the Certificate, or demand your money back and go elsewhere to re-order. This is just like ordering the Title to your Car and having the VIN # removed mysteriously. You would immediately go back confidently, demanding a reprint. You can even say your lawyer wants a printed copy with the Birth # or State File # and you demand a written explanation as to why it is removed. Next step, you may threaten to sue and state that you require the # on the BC as evidence, as part of a legal process.

If you have a “Local and Registration Number” and/or “District Number” or “Registrar’s Number“, IGNORE as those numbers are not used to set up discharge capability, or for this process at all.

If you have a RED OR BLACK SERIAL NUMBER on the bottom and/or reverse side, sometimes that number is used, depending on the context (how many #’s there are, if this is a COLB vs. COB, if you’ve had a name change, etc).

In our SPC DONE WITH U process, we figure all the hard work out with you, so you learn but at the same time “get it done correctly”. We’ll triple check everything and prepare your documents for you. Just make sure you have the right BC that has the correct #’s we discussed here.


Can I remove a Felony on my Criminal Record, Get off of Probation or Parole, and/or Gain my Rights Back after being Violated by the STATE?

Complicated and involved, but yes, has been done by the dedicated few who work on that. This is exactly why any UCC/SPC language on any documents, even in law books, are considered “Contraband” in prison. This stuff is very powerful when effectively used, and needed to be dissuaded from a prisoner’s use. You can’t talk about it on phone calls, either. Prisoner’s punishment is solitary confinement until they learn the lesson. This is why many have resorted to using a family member on the outside to help them as their power-of-attorney.

Can I really Discharge All my Bills and Debts once I complete the SPC Process?

Actually, No. And, UCL and it’s agents, have never NEVER stated such a patently false statement.

What we have said, is that:

1) You can discharge “certain” debts,

2) It is difficult for people to figure out or duplicate (the government is not going to make it easy for YOU, as you are NOBODY to them),

3) The government doesn’t follow the laws, even if the law is on your side,

4) Yes, we HAVE had some success on “certain” debts and

5) On a case-by-case basis, if you are a pleasure to work with and donate to our cause we may make a side arrangement (separate of the SPC process arrangement), to discharge your debt, account, court case, if agreement is made. Liklihood of success, depending on kind(s) of accounts/debts/court cases, may be difficult, and your role vs. our role in percentage of success, etc, is case-by-case, to be assessed and outlined in detail, individually, if desired. Generally, we WIN and only take cases that we are sure will WIN, with some exceptions.

6) There are many processes still in the work that are not perfect nor easy to execute, as long as that continues to be the case, every year our organization uses your gifts and donations to research, study, organize plans, and test hypothesis and/or try to duplicate an isolated success, until the point it becomes a reliable predictor of input equaling similar result as output. Of course this is only necessary on those type of debts/issues/situations that have not yet been perfected.  So which ones do we do vs. one’s we don’t do? Give us a call, get acquainted, and if we are on the same page with mutual mission, purpose, and respect, we’ll send you a list.

7) We are Not Looking to work with every body. This would be impossible, for a team of 5 people to juggle supervising detail-specific processes for over 32,000 subscribers on our e-mail list(s). Fortunately, the 90% are just peeking, and not so serious. Those very serious about the “AND YOU WIN” part of our website name, will tell us that they are and become a supporter and client. And maybe much more.

I Want to Help People. Can I Discharge Debt For Someone Else?

No. In our experience, we have never, not once seen anybody use SPC to discharge debt for another individual or PERSON. That’s not how HJR-192 and the Fiduciary Appointment (Forms 56 to Secretary of Treasury for the Republic of the uSA) are set up to operate for you.

We run across many who want to be the savior of the world. Although it’s good to find some way to help others, if people don’t want to help themselves, and aren’t willing to read or learn something, there is really nothing you can do. The legal profession is full of lawyers willing to take people’s money and “do everything for them” and sometimes it works out, other times people severely regret.

If you see the SPC helping somebody else, at this time the only options are, that you inspire that individual to want to study and learn for themself, what this is about so they can decide one day soon, to either do it or not to.

Or, another option, is you can just free yourself financially with this info and working closely with our company to get you where you want. And then, literally just help others out by giving them money or paying their debts off for them. Many of our clients can get six figure loans and use it to settle others’ debts is just one choice.

Also, “mainstream” people can also file bankruptcy if they are willing to give up almost everything they own, to be sold off. Not the best option in my opinion, but for someone who is scared off by the negative Press in relates to this arena, then a mainstream bankruptcy is certainly an option worth assessing and considering to “help” your family or others with its debts.

Another idea, many people do, is after you finish the SPC DONE WITH U and get some learning/interaction running your TRUST, you may use the documents to teach your family members and work on setting up TRUSTS for themselves, WITHOUT filing any UCC’s or do the rest of the Secured Party Creditor process.

Should Anyone NOT do SPC Filings?

Yes; Active Duty Military, Marines, Air Force, Army, Navy, and people in similar positions should NOT become an SPC, until they retire. The reason is that they signed up for that position as a Corporate Citizen, to protect the Corporation, and pledge allegiance to the U.S. Corporation de facto government. If you waive your U.S. Citizenship, you would not be eligible for the job, and so you are fired, possibly loosing any benefits packages like retirement as well, so the consequences are pretty serious, unless job security and financial benefits is not an issue to you. There are other Asset Protection packages we can teach you one-on-one if you for some reason are not a candidate for the SPC DONE WITH U process.

What Happens If I File My Trust and UCC’s and I Change My Mind?

If you change your mind after you have completed the filings with us, you can not get your donation back as the process is done and our time, energy, and funds towards assisting you, is all expended. However, you CAN terminate and cancel your UCC filing and/or shut down your TRUST and no longer use it’s EIN #. We will gladly walk you through that if you should so find you change your mind. These processes are powerful, many also find them scary or get conflicting information. We are here to help you sort through the unknown and to reveal fact from fiction by showing you or sharing with you actual cases and outcomes. No regular civilian has ever gotten in trouble for doing SPC filings in and of themselves. However, the process is reversible, and if you change your mind later, we will help you cancel your filings for free.

What Happens If I Change My Mind Before Starting Or Want My Donation Returned?

If you decide you no longer want to do the SPC process, before we go to the type-writter, we’ll return all your donation. Please allow time, generally 10-14 days, possibly more if done during vacation season, family time off, holidays, or maturnity leave for anyone on our staff that handle funds.

If you decide you no longer want to do the SPC process and we already went to the type-writter, since we already spent several hours typing up your documents and having three people meticulously check thousands of lines for error, we will only return the part of your donation that hasn’t been expended on effort, at the $200/hour for type-writting, proof-reading, and telephone conversations.

Our time and energy is precious to us, as many calls and emails get cut short in order to work with someone else waiting. And we would like to find more time in the day to enjoy the beautiful world God created, outdoors rather than be in front of a computer and phone close to ALL DAY EVERY DAY. So, if you don’t agree with our compensation for us spend most of the day in front of a (harmful) computer and phone, in order to (seemingly) make your life better, then do not sign up for our membership services.

If you have very very limited funds, and have pressing bills that cause you a lot of personal stress, we suggest considering if this really is right for you. Eliminating any of your debts, may or may not be easy, or at all possible. Avoiding garnishment, or a bank levy, may or may not be done in time.  Our goal is to provide solutions that have worked most of the time for others, but there are also thousands of different scenarios a client may have.

This is especially true for the financially stressed. The LAST THING we want is for someone signing up with their last nickle to their name. On occasion, very rude self-centered people have commanded very unkind and unGod-ly THREATS because they realized they were now broke and needed the money back. Please Do NOT send us your LAST MONEY that you have!! If you are THAT BROKE that you might ask for the money back to pay a bill, please DO NOT SIGN UP yet.

What we do is so mentally and emotionally demanding, we don’t want assholes or clowns in our lives whatsoever. Thank you for understanding.

Can I Protect My Assets with the SPC TRUST and UCC Filings?

This is one of the great things you can do, yes. Only, the SPC process is just a foundation yet very powerful in itself if you do nothing else. Your unique scenario, and what assets you have, (wages? bank accounts? personal effects? children? a home?) really we can spend personal one-on-one time on a secondary personal strategy *for you* if you should so desire and have anything in particular that you are hiding from and/or avoiding. I have a lot of tools in my belt other than the SPC process, but the SPC process is the best place to start in most scenarios, for sure.

Although my time is demanded by hundreds of people in a given month, I still find time to give one on one time to many of the clients who ask. I still give stuff to make their process stronger. I ask for donations to support myself and my team, and our continued efforts, and at other times I’ll give extra things away if I know it could really help you.

Once you are a paid member, do not be shy and contact me (Tyler) any time. I have an immense archive of cliff notes and techniques that I never publish, because they are for scenario’s super rare. But perhaps one you are dealing with.

What Type of People Are Invited To Sign Up for the “SPC DONE WITH U” process with UCL?

For those who prioritize honesty, integrity, and a higher purpose in mind.  Mine has always been to just to make God happy of his creation, and gratitude for still being alive. I keep pushing because I feel I do not do enough to thank God for saving me on many close calls in life. So I continue to do what I believe he is saying to me is the right thing to do.

For those also on God’s path in your own unique way(s), I look forward to working with you and becoming your friend,

God Bless

Tyler, James, Peter,  & the Team

If you read this entire page, I welcome you to call my Team at Phone: 505-340-3632 (u.S.A.) and talk with either James, Tyler, Rebecca, or Brian to get acquainted and inquire about becoming a member of the SPC DONE WITH U one-on-one mentorship program.

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