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Part 3 of 3 on Discharging Debt:

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One of the advantages of being a Secured Party Creditor is asserting your right as one of “we the people” of one of the united States of America – the constitutional republic. The people have rights under common law and equity.

The “property” 14th amendment citizen/slaves who were created with Birth Certificates and who have not discharged their birth certificate/slave status to become a national/secured party creditor again, do not have rights under common law and equity.

As one of the people, the grantors and beneficiaries of the constitution, you have a right of equitable relief because when the government took the people’s property and gold away in 1933, via House Joint Resolution 192 and the “National Emergency” Act, the people can assert the right to equitable relief. When you assert the right to discharge, it is done.

When the government took the property labor and money of the American people, the American people became “Creditors” in a Creditor/Debtor legal relationship. If a Creditor is owed money from the Debtor who borrowed money, according to UCC and Creditor/Debtor law, the Creditor can assert the right to a Set Off of the Credit owed to it. When this is done, there is no checks, bonds, money orders, or promissory notes required, nor should their be if you overstand what I just explained.

A 14th amendment slave/citizen who has been “granted” privileges by the government, who has been “Granted” freedom still has a noose around his/her necks, and the government can change the rules on you at any time and set up other restrictions and not even tell you what they are. They can lie cheat and steal from you and you have no rights because you are owned by them. You are not a “Creditor” Status if you still assuming the diplomatic and tax-status role of the U.S. Citizen.

A U.S. Citizen is a surety for the corporate fiction, in contract with the de facto government to form a PUBLIC TRUST ens legis “Strawman”; making you the living man fully liable as surety for all debts and your body, property, money, and offspring are collateral for a security agreement. If you default on your debt, you your money property and kids can all be “Repossessed”.

Scary as this sounds you can break free by becoming a Secured Party Creditor. As scary as this sounds since it was all done without full disclosure and fraud, when you were a minor and incapable of contracting in a sound mind, you can at any time declare this contract fraud. If you plan to still use the ALL CAPS NAME because you plan on using currency, registering property, etc, then you need to come up with some way to explain why you have been and will be still using this name. You need to re-organize the ALL CAPS TRUST NAME and re-organize the terms and roles, and kick the government and it’s agents off of it’s managing/administering role of your trust.

This is the point of having your initial trust meeting, appointing your beneficiaries, sending them notice, and then at the very end sending the Secretary of State in your Birth State, and Washington D.C. (who registered your birth to create the Strawman TRUST), so that you can give them notice to cease and desist, and to govern themselves according to your new sovereign position. For a video and article covering this topic more go here:

Back to asserting rights to discharge, and there is much information online as to a variety of possible misinformation – writing your own bonds, checks, money orders, on what people claim are alleged “strawman bank accounts” with various combinations of routing and accounting numbers, in a frenzy of noise to try to eliminate debt. But what if they DON’T EXIST? And much/many have gone to jail because the government claims they don’t exist; many such as Tim Turner, Brandon Adams and Gordon Hall from Creditors in Commerce, who were convicted for trying to pay a tax debt with their own “money orders” which the government says are “fictitious”. I highly recommend to STAY AWAY from these failed methods.

Others try to pay/discharge their debts with “promissory notes” which does not make any sense because any note with a fake promise is not legitimate. Besides why do you need to “pay” anything if you already have Credit on account that you can use to set off. We have covered this ad nauseum in our other materials, explaining exactly why these other processes do not work and are possibly very dangerous. If you are signed up to our announcement list to get regular updates, and if you are a member of our Status Correction Course then you get private/premium webinars going into detail, and a lifetime membership for updates.

Now there may not actually be “Credit” because the government overspends money it doesn’t have and spends it all as soon as it comes in – so you let them take all our (we the people)’s property in 1933, and they did not cash it and create literal “bank accounts” for us to use – however they do have an obligation to allow us to discharge our debts.

From our point of view based on consistent experience of successes, the way to discharge a student loan successfully (or any other discharge remedy) is to become a Secured Party Creditor and then to assert the right to discharge. Therefore you must be one of “we the people” a national of one of the united States of America – and not OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. To understand the difference, read the free PDF online “Cooperative Federalism”, you can just google it to find it.

If you are going to discharge a (federal) student loan or other federal debt, you will never be able to get any benefits from the federal government again – no more student loans, unemployment, federal aid of any kind, etc.  If you read the supreme court case “Hale v Henkle” you will see that you give up your freedom and sovereignty when you take a federal benefit anyway, most of my clients have phased out of this and/or refuse to accept any benefits. Some go as far as to not vote considering voting a “Benefit” and etc, others  give up drivers licenses, etc, as far as you like to go is up to you as you get the right information upon doing your own diligence, fact checking, and diligence.

It’s also possible, you won’t be able to get a federally-insured mortgage loan to buy a home, and since almost all mortgages through financial institutions today are FDIC insured, you may be blacklisted with them also. It is safe to also say that if you are an employee or contractor with a certain financial institution or federal government and you wish to “stick it” to the man and discharge your debt with them, they will probably fire or terminate your contract. You can’t have your cake and eat it to and you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. These concepts are not new you should all know already at this stage in your evolution of life and consciousness that “you can’t get a free lunch” and in this arena this is so so true!

There are several other websites selling similar things that we do, or at least mere “promises” of what we can actually do.  More and more people are coming to UCL instead because they see, sense, or feel, that we are a company of integrity and transparency and we live by the motto “at first, do no harm”!

I would rather maintain your relationship by cautioning you and you respecting the caution, and have many choose not to do our process, and possibly refer someone out of appreciation for our honesty, months or years later, rather than lie to you to get your money right now. Sadly, I wish to give you notice to beware of others in the marketplace who do just that.   If your first choice is us then obviously you are pulsating the right frequency from your vibrational/intentional antenna.

So just make sure you are OK with the above disclaimers and if you have any other clarifications, let your UCL consultant know. The last thing we want is for someone to discharge their debt and then get fired or denied another student loan and all upset and say that we didn’t tell them so!!

So if you are OK with those disclaimers, then and only then may you be a candidate to move forward with the discharge process.

Again I need to emphasize that to do the debt discharge process you need to first become a Secured Party Creditor and this involves waiving and reclarifying you are a citizen of your state republic such as the “California” republic – and NOT “UNITED STATES”.  Please read the free pdf you can google and find on the internet called “Cooperative Federalism” for the most thorough and factual/historical basis on the difference between being a state citizen and a United States citizen.

Also please study what it says in the United States Code on what is the definition of being considered a “United States Citizen”.   I suggest you do a google search for “what is the definition of United States Citizen” and see where your journey takes you. Specifically the US Code on this is at but there are several other websites that may assist you in emphazing and interpreting the code, such as, ,,  and, that will assist you in seeing the conclusions that I have drawn, which is that you are NOT a U.S. Citizen unless you wish to make that declaration and that you can also declare that you are not at any time.

There are serious ramifications to taking the plunge and officially declaring to the entire world and all government that you are not their subjects, property, or slave any longer.  This is way larger than wanting to discharge your credit card and student loan debt, and I do not accept clients who are looking to reduce or eliminate debt only. I only accept clients to become sovereign because that is what they wish to do and they truly **know** they are not U.S. citizens and who wish to move the rest of their life to an entire lifestyle of understanding and living out these legal concepts in congruency with the declarations they are about to make.  However, if you have deemed that you truly wish to become a Secured Party Creditor, and then you want to discharge a student loan or any other debt as a bonus or advantage, then that is fine we would love to help you with some debt elimination.

Make sure also that you understand the following concepts:

-Why are lawyers committing treason?
-What is the difference between a private citizen, state citizen, United States Citizen?
-What is the Common Law please explain the distinction between common law and Statutory Law?
-Do non-U.S. citizens owe a tax under the US Tax Code? Why?
-What is “positive law” and please explain why this is significant?

I do not expect you to answer these questions right off the bat as thoroughly as me, but you should know or be finding out the answers to them and excited/eager to learn/overstand them even deeper.   Do your best to research and find these answers and then be able to explain the answers to us in your own words, and we will consider if you are fit to become a secured party creditor, which entails waiving your US Citizenship.    This is important that I screen you because I do not know you. If you move ahead w the process you will be signing affidavits under penalties of perjury that you declare you are NOT  a U.S. Citizen.  The punishment for perjury or lying on an affidavit is 5 years in prison,  and you need to be able to understand and explain in your own words the summarization of any/all documents we prepare or draft for you to use, which are heavy on you not being a U.S. citizen.

Perhaps you are or are not ready yet to become a secured party?  Now I will provide a website we have created to lay out for you not just all the disclaimers and things you will “give up” but all the things that you can do as a secured party, at the website: also there is a book called the Redemption Manual a free pdf online you can google and read one of the older version which will give you quite a bit of study material to further help immerse you in the subject matter criteria.

A lot of people get so excited and jump ahead and wish to tell all their friends and family. I highly caution you to NOT share this material w your friends and family – they will think you are crazy, maybe even stir up trouble. You have to be very cautious and only introduce the most open minded people to this. When people google this technology they will find info on websites including government websites saying this is a fraud, a scam, etc. Yes there are a lot of scams out there and those websites are overgeneralizing and obviously will use any example or excuse to disuade people from moving forward with a process that is as powerful as this. So you don’t want to tell people who can not discern and/or who are not on the ascension path and/or skeptical or who will instantly believe anything on a government website. We are looking for those who say “wow if they are warning against it, then maybe there is some TRUTH IN IT” and let’s study carefully and turn over every brick and stone to try to locate the correct way to safety do the process.

Besides is everybody discharged their debt and nobody paid their loans a lot of people would be out of work and the government would be less revenue and less in taxes – so obviously they do not want you to do this for those reasons (and others). I’ve even known of people get visited at their home and asked by the FBI what a sovereign is, who they got these documents from, and do they understand that it is fraud or do they understand the consequences of filing such paperwork? Other people in prison with literature about this get thrown in solitary confinement (the SHU or the ‘hole’ they call it). Well if it wasn’t that powerful successful or effective, they would let prisoners have and distribute as much of this material as possible, now wouldn’t they? Or they would not visit people at their homes (on occasion) to scare people?

Now that’s not to scare you off, the chance is probably only 1 in 5,000 or so that you might get a visit however, if you do it is probably harmless but I wish to warn you there is some small chance. However, there’s also a chance that whatever business endeavors you are doing now, honestly and faithfully, you or your coworkers may have done something wrong or illegal and you will get visited asking questions or interviewed regardless. Every time you get into a car accident you have to talk to a cop to help him fill out the accident report also, or other situations in life as well there is nothing to be fearful of they are just doing there job.

You could also get struck by lightening. My point is, its a small risk of scrutiny, but it doesn’t really raise the stakes that much to prevent you from doing this. There are thousands of people becoming secured party creditors every single month, and you have every lawful and legal right to do it. In fact, if you are a full-fledged Secured Party Creditor and you ever wind up in some trouble, you have a foundation of paperwork to protect you. So my argument is that if you are someone who does not wish to just “fold over” and does not like being intimidated or punished when you have done nothing wrong, then becoming a Secured Party Creditor is definitely a serious option for you. It gives you armor of protection in case you get into trouble, and this is one of the key reasons people choose to become an SPC.

So these are just some things to ponder when thinking about wanting to discharge any debt especially a federal debt like a student loan, you should expect to be blacklisted and refused to receive any federal benefits going forward. So, if you are dependent on bailouts benefits and possible government support, then you may wish to just pay off your student loan especially if it is small enough.

Most Secured Party Creditors are able to avoid all withholdings from their paychecks, and have many more tax advantages by using their trust as an asset protection trust, which is taxes as an irrevocable trust, rather than as a U.S. Citizen/Strawman Trust. So, the financial advantages of becoming a secured party creditor are certainly significant for most. You have to be responsible for your own due diligence and tax preparation but almost all of our clients wind up paying taxes differently, by preventing their U.S. Citizen from “receiving” any income, closing all it’s bank accounts and ceasing all it’s contracts – replacing it with their EIN number trust instead. Another way of explaining this is they abandon their U.S. Citizen (SSN #) and instead, going forward, only contract for employment or contractor relationships (1099) with their irrevocable common law trust. The proper tax form to file is a 1041 for an irrevocable trust. Maybe you can start doing some research on that, but you would be responsible for learning how to operate like that, although we do offer a powerful “crash course” in the Status Correction Course also. Hiring an accountant for the first year is highly recommend, and reading a basic accounting book like “Accounting for Dummies” within the first year or two will be very helpful for you, so that you can instruct your accountant what you like them to do. You would basically be running your TRUST like a business with a lot of “expenses” and deductions, which you need to account for. If your TRUST makes no profit, you could even file a $0 tax return on your 1041 at the end of the year, and this is NOT likely to get rejected even if it happens multiple years in a row. As time goes on, if you get audited, you show all your bank records and receipts and you will win and they will leave you alone. Not only that but it’s much better for a business or trust to get audited then you as an individual, since the trust will be liable for any backtaxes, and they can’t be against you personally, and they can not be converted into any “criminal” liability.

Yet another after thought, if you discharge a loan, your credit report is going to be “toast” for a long long time. Don’t hope on using it to apply for other credit cards, loans, mortgages, nothing for a long time. Yes you can do credit repair, and clean up negative info on your credit report. But that is not part of the package or deal that we offer. When you become an SPC, you become an SPC. If you are an SPC and wish to discharge, you contact us and apply and we make sure you are fully aware of all the disclaimers and then we go from there. I love to help clients to discharge their debt, and hold their hand every step of the way so that it is 100% done, other companies or websites sell “do it yourself kits” which have new information omitted and leave many people hanging. My promise to you is that if I take you as my client my helpful staff and I will move you forward from beginning to end, holding your hand the entire way.

So in conclusion, if you just looking for “Debt Relief” to help “pay bills” then our organization “UCL” is not for you. But if you have been learning towards becoming an SPC anyway, with your will and intent to take control/sovereignty over your own LEGAL NAME/BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME for all the correct reasons stated above (avoiding court, protecting assets, controlling your estate, abandoning the SSN contract, etc), then and only then will it be appropriate to talk about discharging your (certain) debts with the HJR 192 process.

Please make sure to read to learn more about becoming a Secured Party Creditor.

If you become an SPC with our program, then we can consult with you thereafter further about success and protocol with discharges. If you have any further questions, please feel welcome to talk to our friendly and helpful consultants by giving us a call at 505-340-3632 or setting up a consulting call to talk with our experts.

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