UPDATE:  The Status Correction Course has been replaced with a world-class 1-on-1 mentorship and document preparation service, which is BETTER and costs less and gives you a 100% liklihood of an effective and perfect filing.

Why have we done this?

1. Clients trying to do their own process, have often taken over 6 months to 1 year to slowly go through the dozens of hours of tutorials.

2. Clients commonly miss some small but significant detail by attempting to do it themselves. Clients also add in pre-presumptions and insert into paperwork making critical mistakes that make their process fail.

3. Not getting a 100% precisely accurate process complete can mean an ineffective commercial filing, an inability to open up a Trust account, non-protection of assets, and an inability to be able to discharge debts and challenge jurisdiction in a court case. Also since you can’t “undo” mailings, some components of your process are irreversible.

You will 1-on-1 help ensuring your filing is correct and ensuring you LEARN what you are doing; and be walked through any/all hurdles of the UCC filing, Treasury Fiduciary setup, and Trust Bank Account processe(s).


And For LESS MONEY you can get EVEN MORE VALUE than a “class” or “course”. One-on-one personal touch ensures you get the support you need, plus certainty of an accurate commercial code filing statement and Trust set up.


Our SPC DONE WITH U program is as low as $1650, and involves:

  1. UCL helping you pick the items for your Trust; and typing up your paperwork
  2. Three of the UCL staff all review your paperwork, for accuracy and mistakes
  3. You will be walked through each of the SIX steps 1 by 1 by step-by-step Walk Through Consultant Patrick
  4. If you need technical/detailed consultations about the Steps you are doing, you may call our Seasoned Partner Tyler and he will answer advanced questions about the paperwork that your “Walk Through Consultant” can’t answer
  5. This experience, should enable you (through re-signing the same exact Trust documents) to set up an infinite number of other trusts for various uses and purposes, if you should so desire.

When you have completed your SPC DONE WITH U filing steps, we will give you any One eligible free Item from the EMPOWER YOURSELF PACK. Kindly contact us at that time, and you’ll be able to pick from one of the following – as becomes available (some videos being re-done / upgraded for your benefit):

  1. American National Passport
  2. Put your home, car, or business into a Trust
  3. How to Challenge Jurisdiction in a Court Case
  4. How to File a Federal Court Case
  5. Independent Contractor lesson
  6. Bitcoin Private Currency lesson
  7. Four of the “Ineffective Processes” lessons


Keep in mind that MORE AND MORE STATE’S Secretary of State offices are REFUSING / REJECTING UCC filings in which the DEBTOR NAME and the Secured Party’s Name are the same or similar.  Right now, 46 State‘s will Reject your filing and we estimate that by 2020 every Secretary of State will reject the Secured Party Creditor – UCC Filings. However, they will NOT cancel prior filings if you got your files recorded in time; and they will not reject an Amendment or Continuation of your initial filing, if you are already filed. Get yourself Filed and Protected While You Still Can!


The #1 benefit of the SPC FILING is to have insurance


You have car insurance or house/fire/flood insurance, “in case something goes wrong”, you have a  solution to fix the situation rather than be wiped out and devastated.  In a similar way, the SPC filing is a secure way to avoid Asset Forfeiture of material property AS WELL AS YOUR BODY AND YOUR KIDS BODY’s. It’s very powerful and without it, it’s rare for people to get a win on the private side in their matter.



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