Divorce Process Brief Overview:


1) Send an OFFER to Resolve the dispute and maintain the marriage amicably – or – alternatively a non-response will be deemed an amicable termination of the marriage with the following terms:

– list the terms of child custody
– list the terms of splitting of the shared assets/bank accounts/the home/cars
– list the terms of the child being homeschooled, not vaccinated, what quality of food it eats, etc


Accompany an Affidavit that there is no evidence that above-listed terms are not a win-win-win situation for your ex-spouse, you, and the child(ren).


Accompany a Bond liening up your birth certificate estate for $5 million to pay the ex- for any inconvenience


List the governing venue and jurisdiction as “private international commercial law” and to be arbitrated by the Court/mediator of your choice.


Include Many other terms/conditions covering all basis/s.


2) Send a Second Notice “Notice of Fault”


3) Notice of “Default” and Consent to Judgment


4) File appropriate UCC non-ucc filing Notices, county recorder notices, etc.


+ Many other steps to enforce into the Judgment in the Public Court and/or enjoin a new case into a pre-existing divorce case.



May need to amend/vacate an existing Divorce Decree.

We can provide an education and strategy guide for you and/or offer additional help. This service is not to be construed as the practice of law of any kind. This is not a “Debt Relief Service” of any kind.

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