Announcing the Inner Circle 2021+ Stand Alone Product for ANYBODY, Secured Party or Not, paid member or not…this product is for ANYONE looking to make money:

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Inner Circle 2021+

This upgraded and revision of the NEW Inner Circle Package explained:

This package is for anyone looking for alternative ways to MAKE MONEY.

Start a side hussle with little to no money to start?  YOU GOT IT – RIGHT HERE

Learn How to Get Involved with Real Estate but never knew how given your limited resources?  YOU GOT IT – RIGHT HERE

Got a few thousand or even just a few hundred to invest but don’t know how?  YOU GOT IT – RIGHT HERE

Want to apply to be considered to team up with another Inner Circle member who needs YOUR TALENT to make his/her business plan/vision a reality? YOU GOT IT – RIGHT HERE

Wish to do a video tutorial pitching YOUR BUSINESS to other UCL/SPC members?  YOU GOT IT – RIGHT HERE

Opportunities Still Available NOW:

3. Internet Marketing Mentorship
4. Legal Justice Business
5. Cryptocurrency Investing — (consultant on standby giving you mentorship on what is HOT to buy and when, when to sell at the right time, etc)
6. Debt Elimination + Credit Repair Business
7. Buying Stocks or Precious Metals
8. Get a “Home for Free” through Adverse Possession (you must be suave at legal process)
9. Door to Door ANYTHING
10. Plus at least One or More Seasoned, Already Established Businesses for Sale for a Discount due to The New CoronaEconomy
11. Get Involved with the POWER PLANT INDUSTRY*
12. Funding People – Personal or Business
13. How to Make Money on Youtube
14. How to Make Money with Amazon
15. Why Buying a Home is a Scam and why this Self-Made Billionaire says “Nobody ever achieved financial freedom by buying a home!” explained
16. Step-by-Step “How to Sell your Advice Online”
17. Creating TRUSTS for people
& More We Are Always Including or Working on Including

Disclosure: The specific opportunities will “come and go” as when they are scooped up by others, they will no longer be on the market, despite me not getting around to update this list. This list will remain to give people an “idea” of the types of opportunities we seek or have saught. Inner Circle Membership does NOT include any legal procedures. Service providers make a living by providing services, and they set their own rates and you will be proposed to pay them for their products or coaching directly with them.

How it Works:
Once your a member, at any time, you may pick 1 or 2 of your preferred interests, and we’ll send you over to someone an expert in that area, for you to talk to. We do not promise content such as step-by-step videos, this is a referral-based relationship introduction service. Any fees you are ask to spend with the other party’s, are between you and them. We firstly qualify and interview you (so that we don’t waste any of our very important contacts’ time and then risk losing friendship with them), and then, if you qualify, send you a video tutorial or video “pitch” from the service provider. In cases which you fully qualify and commit to fully explore a ventures, we’ll then refer you to a very cool and successful member of which they may charge you a modest fee (some cases Free, some cases $100). Once you are in touch with that member, whatever you and them do from there is up to you.

To be clear,  ALL WE PROMISE TO DO, is to introduce the idea or concept to you, in any medium we chose, to share ideas with you, and in many cases, contacts/connections to OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESSES. We do not roll up our sleeves with you, we do not help you make business decisions, we do not help you start, fund, or build your own business. We introduce an idea to you over one or two conversations, send you to resources and your in your own rabbit hole in many cases able to talk to and hire other experts. We are very busy with our normal business routine of Trusts, Debt, and Legal Process, and it is only . If you’re not capable or confident to make business decisions and take risks on your own, or have another friend to brainstorm with, then this product is not for you! I will not be your board member or full-time brainstorming ally. I will INTRODUCE you to resources and ideas. That is what this product is!

So looking from the list above, you need to express which one or two opportunities you are interested in, and then allow a possible lag time to be fit into the schedule of the expert providers that we would refer you to. In many/most cases, these opportunities are exclusive and many providers are NOT advertising to the general public and only teaching UCL members out of their personal friendship with Tyler, and Tyler begging and pleading with them to take on a very small additional project. Yes, I care about my members that much that I get on my knees and beg. 😉  

PRICE:  $5000 for Membership for Three Years
This grants you direct access to Tyler or others to begin your conversation and decide what area you like to start perusing.  You can not review and look at all 12 or more opportunities in the same month, you can select the 2 or 3 you are most interested in reviewing this month and then every 30 days express interest in the others, and we can set time to talk about those issues then. (In other words, I can not set aside all the time to talk to you about all 12 opportunities all up front in the first week of your membership, it must be spaced out due to time constraints! Make sense?) Disclosure*: Certain Select opportunities* (#11), for example that require upfront money, strategic connections, may not be available for this occasional Discount option (as of now, item #11 is not available for discounts).

Special Santa:   PETER &/or James, the only current 2021 UCL telephone consultants-at-large, will be calling a lucky 1 or 2 people in our database every Month and offering them the Inner Circle 2021+ at a Discount.  If this happens to be you, you will need to say YES quickly to take advantage of the slash in price.

A little birdie told me that in February and March, the “on the spot” purchase offer initial discount in price is going to be MASSIVE for the first several people, the offer will be a 70% discount to reduce the price to only $1500

Every member will have access to Direct Message Tyler throughout the month to seek guidance, ask for links of interest on the above money-making categories, and get updates.

2020 Has Surely Been Tough!! But now is the time to double down on persevering under any/all
circumstances for your family and your future, and to pursue your Financial Dreams!!!
#2021DoubleDownOnSuccess! & of course as always Godspeed!!! -Tyler

p.s. Also, please purchase and begin reading the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” as the concepts in this book are the shortest path to teach you to fully utilize your potential to the fullest.   The foundation of making any of the above-listed business opportunities have a liklihood of working is in your mentality and your attitude! It’s your attitude, perseverance, and the person you are becoming that is “the secret sauce”. A broke mentality or victim mentality, even matched up with the greatest opportunity in the world, will probably still fail, because you will make it fail. Instead, you must only bring A POSITIVE mentality to make your efforts likely to work and to work massively. Make sense?  Further book lists for those so inclined, provided free of charge upon request.

As of March 30, 2021, this Product is SOLD OUT, but may become back available later in the year (ask to be put on Wait List, and be sure to be on our Announcement e-mail list). It is difficult to manage a membership full of so many people, so in the interests of the quality of the limited number of members, membership must be kept at a small number.

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