For somebody who seeks to do a lot of things (cases, filings, discharges, trusts, or other), and who has ample stable living space, I recommend investing in a good printer and scanner.

You will want to be flexible to print out dozens of pages at a time in just a few nanoseconds and without costing you an arm or a leg.

If you use mess up by using an ink jet printer, you will find that you spent a ton of money on ink replacement cartridges, and anytime you need to print 30 or more pages at a time, you’ll find it take more than an hour.

The faster, more economical printers, are LaserJet ones.

I recommend the HP Laserjet Pro 400 series.

Is it not necessary or wanted to have COLOR ink, for 100% of all processes that we do, COLOR IS NOT NEEDED AND IS DISUADED FROM.

I have done well over many years with a $269 Black and White Only, HP Laserjet Pro 400 series. Two of the models I like look like this:


You can find a few options in this series at Amazon, Ebay, Staples, Office Depot, Office Max. I’m sure there are other brands and options, you can always ask the sales rep if you go to a store, and tell them that you are looking for the most economical for printing a lot, as well as printing many pages in less time. These are the two main criteria you should look for. I’m not a fan of hooking things up to Wifi as they can be “hacked”, as well as the additional clogging of your living/workspace with even more radiofrequencies. So, I recommend the “old school” cables that connect into your usb drive on your desktop/laptop.

As you can see this printer I recommend is only for printing, does not have scan capabilities. For scanning, you’ll also have to purchase this model:, but it is VERY good on printing.

I have printed thousands of pages weekly, it costs only a few cents in ink per page. I have done my math and have tested that this printer model series works best for anyone like me pumping out continuous legal paperwork.

So quick and so cheap it is to print that you will find yourself also printing study material that you can bring with you to new environment to study and digest. For example, I usually have a stack of documents printed and stapled together that I have sitting by my front door, that I sometimes take with me when going out to grab food, wish to change my scenery and order a late at the local coffee shop, waiting at doctors office for who knows how long, waiting for car oil change/inspection/tire rotation/etc.

If your like me, you are trying to reduce time staring and sitting in front of the computer, so this simple “hack” where you can “hit print” and have 35 pages or 70 pages or even 120 pages printed within a couple minutes only costing a few cents worth of ink, is well worth the investment for any serious student or anyone in any serious legal dispute or objective.

I have a separate printer/scanner/fax machine that I only use for Scanning (I have no need for the printing or fax), this one costs $99, and what’s essential about it is that it has a user-friendly “hands free” tray for feeding dozens of pages at once. Again, I hate adding additional wifi for reasons so stated, and I only use this machine to scan documents to my USB drive, and then carry that drive over to my computer to insert, and pull off the scanned files onto my hard drive/desktop, and of course to send to clients or work associates. The Scanner I recommend is:

If you have no space for more than 1 printer, then plan according to that space limitation. If your lease will expire soon, I do not recommend at this time adding the extra “stuff” until you have a “sort of forever home”. Carrying stuff around moving often is not that fun.

If you only need to do the SPC, it is not particularly necessary to upgrade a printer/scanner unless of course you can also afford the extra cost and already feel you needed the upgrade for all around home/office use as well.

We hope you make the right choice to balance both your current and future circumstances.

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