Mary Croft also Mary Elizabeth: Croft is the author of HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN … a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are. Her book is available in PDF online and can be found here:


Mary Croft Ebook “Spiritual Economics Now” Here


Mary Croft tells us about her experiences of breaking the debt chains and the power of contract. She writes about being our own authority, validation of debts, verification of claims made against your strawman (a sworn affidavit or even just a signed invoice), 14th amendment citizens (those who contract to become United States citizens as opposed to remaining a private sovereign American), registration vs. recording, contracts, contract law, discharging debts, legal title vs. equitable title, remedy and more.


In her tell all book Spiritual Economics, Mary Croft uncovers some events that lead up to the current state of the monetary system today such as the Bretton Woods Agreement that took place in 1944 which was the birth of the International Monetary Fund (the IMF). Mary also gives us a bit of history on the international bankers, central banking and fractional reserve lending.


Mary Croft Spiritual Economics:

Mary points out that the way it works now, is that we cannot pay our debts at law, we can only discharge our debts in equity. All money is borrowed into existence – it doesn’t exist until someone borrows it. It is debt-based money hence it is not really money since real money is based upon substance – gold, silver etc. She goes on to make this important conceptual distinction – If money is borrowed into existence, then that is all that exists…so where is the interest? It doesn’t exist. How can it possibly be paid? It can’t be paid because it is not part of what is created. It simply does not exist. The currency we use is based upon our future labor which the Feds have promised to the bankers. It also does not exist yet. Future generations are already enslaved to pay a debt which does not exist.


In Spiritual Economics, Mary Croft also gives us a detailed breakdown in her book regarding debt and credit. For example, when one ‘buys’ a home, the contract signed at closing (the promissory note) was converted into a negotiable instrument by the bank and became as asset on the bank’s accounting books, according to UCC 1-201 (24) and 3-104 it was our signature on the note which made it $$$ – she goes on to say that the application for the loan created the funds (it has our signature on it) and the note (with our signature) covered the funds to ‘repay’ the loan.


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Mary Croft explains on her Spiritual Economics blog about  “Money of Account and Money of Exchange”:


Money of Account is debt-based financial transactions on paper.  All debt is created on paper, so all debt can be discharged with ‘other’ pieces of paper.  This has absolutely nothing to do with what we, the private think of as “money” which is promissory notes, aka debt notes and, since debt notes cannot ‘pay’ a debt, then, handing over what we think of as ‘money’ cannot possibly offset the debt of an entirely separate money system based upon electronic and paper-created debits and credits. When anyone talks about the ‘national debt’ the only way to discharge or offset that alleged debt, which is not real as it exists only in a virtual computer world, is to create paper which will balance said negative/red entries on the ledgers/computers.  Our cash cannot, in a million years, ‘pay’ that debt because the two are entirely unrelated.  It is “apples and oranges”.  If the apple bushel is nearly empty, then, filling it with oranges will not give you a bushel of apples. Cash is solely for exchange of goods and services which WE, in the private, obtain, not the debt which those in the public create by charging our trust accounts which have credit, only due to the bonds backed by our birth certificates. Only they can monetize that credit and offset the debt they create; WE cannot do so. We do not have access to those accounts. Yes, we ought to be able to do so, but, so far, they have thwarted us on every attempt. The public uses ‘money of account’ and we use ‘money of exchange’.  Please make the distinction.


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