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Secured party creditors develop the ability to read between the duality inherent of all things, and to use every opportunity to create, like turning Lemons into Lemonade, or Water into Wine. Secured Party creditors create contracts in every moment of everyday. We have contracts with ourselves, we adjust them tour highest cause, and we also reason, and make resolutions on behalf of ourselves. We create goals for ourselves, and timelines for what we shall create, and we have the will to accomplish it ALL, or change it ALL at Will.

We are all of us Secured Party Creditors, although some have yet to realize it.

The most important aspect of conducting your life as a Secured Party Creditor is to be in honor, at all times, as best as possible, be on good terms with all men/women, and live according to honor. Secured Party Creditors are view by other party(s) based upon words, deeds, actions, as-well-as, silence which is presumed to be an agreement to any contract.

How you handle your relationships Private and Public, and your method of communication, determines the outcome in any contract.

Contracts can be offered, accepted, renegotiated, forgiven, resolved… but shall always remain in the knowledge that through our Credit, we care keeping our party/STRAWMAN secured. This is most vital when taken into consideration that we have for most of our lives, been entering into contracts without full knowledge as to what the contract stipulations are, until we find out….Oops!

Vast amounts of wealth have been made and thus accumulated in our name (STRAWMAN), waiting for a Secured Party Creditor (YOU) to claim it. This has been through the use of the Autograph. There are many directions we expand into such as 1099-OID for claiming your Original Issues (money you have created), A4V your Birth Certificate, A4V your Debts to society, your personal debts, pick any or all, or go with the flow.

So how can this be you say? Well, as it stands Mothers, since 1933, have been entering their babies into contracts, through the Registration of Birth (this is a contract for you to be a Surety for the U.S. Debt owed to the International Bankers. Did the United States offer a birth certificate to you? Did you receive it? Did you accept it for value and return it as a security?

If you do not accept it for value and deposit it as an asset, you have voluntarily waived rights to a distribution that is available to you. In a purely commercial system, rights are remedies. Parties to a modern commercial transaction need remedies in the event one of them breaches the terms of the agreement.

The birth certificate is a remedy, and represents an antecedent claim you have against the United States. It is also evidence of a preexisting contract. It represents the prepaid account you have available to you for setoffs. Acceptance is an agreement and leads to a binding contract. If you don’t set the terms of that binding contract, the United States will.

Secured Party Creditors step up to the plate, deposit their Birth Certificate which has been accepted for Value. Secured Party Creditors take special care in the manner in which they negotiate with Government Entities believing to be our rulers, for we are governed only by our creators.

We communicate directly with the U.S. Secretary, the U.S. Treasury, and the IRS and have them set-off the debts through this trust. We have unlimited credit, and have since 1933 and the passing of HJR-192 by Congress; and although this knowledge has been kept secret for far too long, we can now avail ourselves to the remedy created by our forefathers in the bringing to fruition, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, where all men are created equal. What this means is that everyone can buy a home, pay their bills, drive a car, and help others as we are all one.

Think, what should responsible Secured Party Creditors do with an unlimited capacity to create. Have fun with it of course, perhaps become philanthropists, then remember, did you already make this contract with your SELF, you said “if I ever had so much money…..I would do… this…and … that ….

And this is where it truly becomes exciting, once you have straightened out the misconceptions blurring your life, you can create whatsoever your heart desires.

Secured Party Creditors Are Being Born in 2012

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