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I am listening to until next time Marcus [] for more clarity on total mind picture. There does not seem to be any notaries or notaries who also work privately as presenters acceptors so that would be a help right now as the notaries here say the mailing is witnessing their own act and have never heard of certificate of service fear things they have not heard of and  illegal in their capacity as notary public ( but could have a private seal I would think not using the notary public capacity) well as we spoke before I think they do not really know what they are doing if held to testify in my behalf so do you know of any doing this kind of service?











Hi David



You actually would NOT want to use a notary to be a presenter/witness/custodian-of-records on your process, because they are no authorized to put their Notary seal to attest to their own affirmation/testimony.   You will need to use a non-notary you keeps records for a living to do the presenting/accepting of responses/custodian of records/certifying copies of your records, and then get those Affidavits of Service and Affidavit’s of Non-Response notarized with a “Jurat” by the third party person. Then you get the notarized docs authenticated at the county that the notary is commissioned in, and apostilled at the department of state or secretary of state. Then your documents become “self-authenticating” under federal rule 803. If you don’t know what some of these definitions are (apostille, rule 803, Jurat, etc), look them up on google; as this is not the forum to reply back and forth and have me give you an entire lesson. [I’m just answering your question, for now at least.  :=) ] You also may want to listen to the Portland 2013 seminar in its entirety to get a full grasp on all this. You can only get this seminar by subscribing to a paid membership with my mentor Brandon’s website: – and you’ll have your option of the Audio and the HD Video to watch at any time, at your leisure on your computer or ipod, and a yearly membership to their site. The CIC and MIC sites are a great compliment or supplement to our Empower package. [complimentary – combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other or another;   supplementary – completing or enhancing something.]





Yes I know many who do this service. Again, they should NOT be notaries (or at least, if you use a Notary they should be 100% knowledgeable and aware and also they should NOT be using the notary seal to witness their own act, and they would instead need another 2nd notary to witness their act)





The best person right now whom I work with to do these types of mailings is Siobhan, you can e-mail her a request for information on her service/fees/contact telephone and appropriate hours to call her, at:   seciresci (at) [(at) sign used instead of “@” to avoid spambots crawling this site]  If for some reason you do not get through to her it’s possible the e-mail went to SPAM (or some other reason) and I’ll call her and let her know to get back with you.





As you may be aware getting your Affidavits of Service and Affidavit of Non-Response properly documented and authenticated is the key to self-authenticating testimony, which is likely to include (depending on kind of case and the unique circumstances and action between the parties therein), winning these cases without the claimant/client (you) having to go to court. Therefore, I believe this information will be very helpful to you,






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