“Freeman on the Land”  is a term that is commonly used and synonymous with “a sovereign”; or somebody effectively trying to untangle themselves from a web of de-facto-government-contract complexity that has resulted in a diminishment of their natural rights. However, it is a complex web and maze and various websites and conversations have popped up by thousands of people trying to figure out how to untangle the situation we are all in. We believe we have a process, that is proven to work, to untangle that web – it is called the Secured Party Creditor filings. We specifically named our website “Understand Contract Law And You Win” because we mean to do just that, and provide you only information proven to be successful.

Most people say and believe they are free because they merely assert that they are. But when put to the test, nothing could be further from reality. When faced with an accusation of failing to follow the codes or statutes of the local municipality or any legislatively or bureaucratically-pushed and passed statutory law, in fact one of the millions of laws you never consented to…you have to be recognized more as a “freeman” / sovereign / or private citizen as your STATUS with that government entity. The entity is always looking at the status in their computer system, designated next to the name they are accosting, before any arrests or prosecutions are made. So, we want to make sure that you know, that your mere assertion of your freedom is not going to cut it and update the public records about who you are and your capacity.
The “Freeman” movement (or Freemen) has gone viral in both the liberty movement and the self-taught law student niche has a mix of kinds of people…..and of course, once again, the government is soon to call them a “domestic terrorist threat” and tie the whole peaceful movement with violence due to the acts of some rotten apples to try to reduce the legitimacy and public perception of these mostly peaceful and sincere individuals.

Those who call themselves Freeman on the Land are just men and women who are reclaiming their sovereignty and unalienable natural rights. This can be attempted via administrative processes, by eliminating adhesion contracts, or even just by not consenting to fall under the jurisdiction of the court when they go into court and by instead claiming common law jurisdiction, or a variety of processes.


Freeman on the Land assert they are “living, flesh and blood, sentient beings” and not the corporate fiction that is created by the state when the birth certificate application was filled out by their mother.


They assert that they have the right to live on the land under Common Law and Natural Law, without being subject to codes and statutes which they do not consent to. The idea is that statutory law is only applicable to those that consent to it and contract with the government in exchange for benefits.


The challenge with this, is that most people do not realize how entangled they are in reference to their contracting with the local and federal governments. Yes, it’s true, we are all living, flesh and blood, sentient beings; however, we cannot claim to be completely sovereign and exception from statutory law and then turn around and send our kids to public school. If we have a voter’s registration card, a social security card, improperly filled w-4’s, and/or failed to correct our status when we turned 18, then we cannot be surprised and upset when the government enforces their authority over us.



The Freeman Movement is a generally peaceful people who live in a way where they do not depend on or need government to take care of them and just want to be left alone. They probably have the best intentions of living in peace with their neighbors and with nature…. yet watch out for the negative press about to flood the news via government press releases and various anti-liberty-think-tanks like the “poverty law center” stating these people are misguided and misapplying the law. There is an agenda from top down in the de facto deep state system, to make this movement for freedom look bad and misguided. Examples of failures will be broadcast far and wide, whilst successes are not.


It is important to understand that we can claim our freeman sovereignty until we turn blue in the face; however, until we begin to truly understand all the ways we are entangled with the corporate “governments”, and we begin to unwind out of this web, our sovereignty will always be challenged in some form or another. Once you refuse to take a benefit or privilege and correct your Status with the Secured Party Creditor filings, can you move in the right direction. We must understand the contracts we are in and how to get out of them.


The following video is an example of a  Freeman on the land who got harassed by the courts for fishing. Freeman try to live by Common Law and Natural Law and avoid seem any kind of contracts with the Corporate “de facto” Governments. De Facto governments pull you into courts of inferior jurisdiction and assume that 99.999% of the people will not issue a formal challenge of jurisdiction on the record. If you are a sovereign aka freeman on the land, have done the Secured Party Creditor filings, you have certain rights that you otherwise would not. Now you can deal with the courts or your harassing letters in the mail very differently.

How Does This Apply to Winning?

Just to give you an idea – When you are a Freeman and are invited or dragged into Court, one of the methods you can use is to require the “Classification Type” of Court to be put on the Record. Is this a Court of Record or a Court NOT of Record, and therefore push the record that the Court either is or is not operating at common-law. If it is operating at common-law then you must be accused by another living man or woman and have been accused on an actual injury to a man. At common law, you can remind and require the court that the judge is merely a magistrate and is independent of the judicial tribunal which will be by a jury of your peers. Here is a sample showing the definitions directly from Blacks Law dictionary, now you can show the court that you are holding them to common-law and higher standards than if you were one of the “sheeple” uninformed fluoride-drinking zombies!

This is just the tip of the iceberg… get in our Status Correction Course to obtain hundreds of exclusive documents and video lessons covering topics just like this and training you to be able to successfully use it!

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Freeman on the land / Secured Party Creditor definitions to assert and use in court cases.


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