Tim Turner:  An Extremist and an example of What Happens When You “Go To War” with the U.S. Democracy.  



“This sentence should send a message that if you attempt to use retaliatory tax liens and fraudulent tax schemes as weapons against the United States and its citizens you will be punished,” said acting U.S. Attorney Sandra J. Stewart for the Middle District of Alabama in the release.

The self-proclaimed “president” of the sovereign citizen group Republic for the united States of America (RuSA) was sentenced Wednesday to 18 years in federal prison following his conviction on fraud and tax charges. It’s the goal of RUSA to form a “de jure” government which would replace the current de facto operation in Washington DC which the Republic claims was formed illegally as early as 1871.  Tim Turner press arrest release here.


FYI Everybody – there are many in our ‘movement’ who actually do **not** recommend following Tim Turner and the Restore America Plan. Here is why: Tim’s followers seem more adpt to fighting the government and doing things like liening judges for $50 Billion (which Tim Turner has successfully done)…. We here at UCL as well as CIC believe that the government and the judges always do it right, and if we do not get our remedy it is because it is something that *we* are doing wrong.


Remember that the foundation of your success is going to be your “Come from” or your attitude when doing these procedures. If your “out to get somebody” then universal law will prevail (it always does) and somebody will be out to get you.


Tim has also taught people about becoming Secured Party Creditors through paperwork, traveling around the Country to do so. But many others like CIC teach and know that it’s not the paperwork that gets you where you deserve to be (Sovereign – another word for “Authority”) but it’s your enaptness at Contracting, holding the contract, the understanding in your cellular DNA that you truly *are* the paramount security interest holder and a few other principles, and the come-from in your heart. Anybody intent on paying for paperwork to “make them sovereign” is missing the mark and likely to forfeit their remedy. Remember folks, there is *no silver bullet* and no shortcuts in life. Universal law says that what you put in, is an exact proportion of what you’ll get out.


For example, if you put $400 into paying somebody to file Secured Party paperwork for you, in order to “get out of” a criminal charge when you were a bad person and actual harmed somebody and have been doing so for much of your life, do you really think that God or the Universe is going to let you get away with that? Do you think that the Judges are going to let you get away with that?.


I know so many people who have filed Secured Party Creditor paperwork and still were arrested. If you contract your way into prison (by giving a name, answering questions, giving up fingerprints and a picture, you are re-Contracting out of your sovereign status.


The teachings here at Understand Contract Law and You Win as well as those of our Mentors at Creditors in Commerce — actually get consistent remedy when you stay in Honor, do *not* fight or argue, and by your Conduct and Actions maintain your Sovereignty.


No paperwork will get you anywhere, and neither will fighting!!!



Now, with that said, let’s give Credit to all the Positive Things Tim Turner’s teachings have taught many Patriots and Liberty-Seekers over the last few years:


First thing Tim Turner brings to our attention:  Know that the U.S. is a business.


Title 28 United States Code § 3002- Definitions-15a “United States” means – a Federal corporation. Every single law passed in Washington DC only applies to the citizens of the Federal corporation known as U.S. Citizens and/or ‘persons’. The United States is a private corporation; it has its stockholders, board of directors, its president, secretary and treasury. The U.S. Citizen = Debtor/taxpayer to this private corporation for profit which operates in bankruptcy.


Second item Tim Turner shares with us; know that in order for the company United States to have the authority to enforce its by-laws upon you, it needs your consent.


Consent = A concurrence of wills. Voluntarily yielding the will to the proposition of another; permission; Voluntary agreement by a person in the possession and exercise of sufficient mental capacity to make an intelligent choice to do something proposed by another (Black’s Sixth).


We give our consent via our words, actions and behaviors. Even if there is mental reservation present for us it does not matter, it is how we act and what we say that gives or does not give consent and thus jurisdiction. Title 18 USC § 4108 – Verification of consent of offender to transfer to the United States; this section is about needing the consent of the ‘offender’ in order to have jurisdiction over the ‘offender’.


Third, know that it’s all about contracts. Just like Gordon Hall, Tim Turner understands the game is all about Contracts.


He who writes the contract wins. But there is another crucial element that is key. He who holds the contract wins. It’s not enough to have written contracts in place if we cannot hold them orally and through our actions. U.S. Citizens have entered into various contracts with the foreign private company, United States, through the driver’s license, voter registration, library cards, marriage licenses, professional licenses, etc. Every time one checks the U.S. citizen box at the voter polls they are re-enforcing the contract. Contracts are what made people U.S. citizens…we unwittingly joined the corporation. And these contracts are what gave U.S. Incorporated jurisdiction over us, that is, until we assert, act, and behave otherwise.


Fourth lesson in Tim Turner Videos:  Know that we are not stuck and that we can disengage from contracts we’ve entered into.


The sovereign man or woman can change his/her mind. We can agree to something and then we can say you know what…I don’t want to be that anymore, I don’t want to participate in this anymore. As the Sovereign or authority over our lives we can change our mind and amend our contracts while remaining in honor. One way is to get the other party in agreement via tacit acquiescence, to the amended contract through a private administrative process. As sovereigns we always have a remedy available to us and its up to us to exercise it and be willing to enforce our established contracts if and when necessary.


The first three videos of this Tim Turner seminar are made available for free. The rest of the Tim Turner Seminar videos can be accessed via purchasing a subscription.


Tim Turner’s teachings of fighting to bring back the De Jour government has been criticized by Gordon, Jack, and Brandon of Creditors in Commerce…who all believe there is no reason to “fight” the government. In fact in the Bible says “turn the other cheek” especially up against the U.S. Army with helicopters, airplanes, F16’s, and Nuclear Weapons….Tim Turner was fighting a loosing battle.



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