Intelligent, no nonsense, funny and articulate, Ben Lowrey published this write up about Maxims in Law in 2010.  Ben has over 200 videos on his You Tube Channel which is titled ‘Ben Lowrey’. Many of these videos are great introductions to, as well as in depth discussions of, commerce and sovereignty and the key concepts associated with these that we need to be rooted in as we journey the path of freedom. Ben Lowrey along with his vast pool of guests on his shows, introduces topics such as Uniform Commercial Code, Accept for Value, Debt Collectors and Mortgages, Credit Cards and Loans, Courts, Commercial Liens, Trusts, Administrative Process and more. Visit the official Ben Lowrey website at Ben Lowrey .com.

Below is Ben’s post which can be found here


Ben Lowrey Explains:

“Maxims are as much a part of the laws of human relations (commerce) as a foundation is a part of a building. They are fundamental and immutable, having their basis in God’s Laws. No one of sound mind argues against them. They are the bedrock of logic, of reason, of common sense, of truth. They are fundamental principles upon which all that is right, just and true is founded. They are the standards to measure the correctness of any course or action.


Ben Lowrey Continues:

The word “maxim” is defined as an expression of an absolute truth or principle. Maxims are so powerful and unequivocal that they are the foundation of all human relationships. They have the power to cut to the heart of a matter in a heartbeat with reason, logic, and authority. They cover every topic imaginable and every aspect of our lives. They are not easily misunderstood, misapplied, or subverted; they are universally accepted for what they are: self-evident TRUTHS.



Maxims might be considered the redundant backup system when all else fails. Anyone who is not schooled in the logic of maxims is easily confused for the want of such understanding. The legal profession has a vested interest in keeping the People ignorant of these principles: protecting the need for their “priestcraft.” Priestcraft is “the craft of specialists who work to create the illusion their craft is too complex to be understood by anyone else.



It doesn’t take a law degree to understand maxims.



The light of truth in maxims cannot be extinguished through the evil works and craftiness of men. They may be forgotten by many, intentionally concealed by some, but they still exist, no matter what, and they won’t go away!”



Below are maxims that surround the rightfulness and lawfulness of the Commercial Affidavit Process. This by no means is an exhaustive list:


Regarding Justice . . .



— All are equal under the Law.


— A matter must be expressed to be resolved.


— Claims made without accountability are void.


— Might does not make right.


— Force, perjury or subornation of perjury, voids all.


— Fraud vitiates the most solemn promise.


— While the battle continues, he who first leaves the field or refuses to contend loses by default.


— You are free to make any decision you wish, but you are never free to escape the consequences of your decisions.


— A laborer is worthy of his hire.


— Thou shalt not steal.


— Notice to the agent is notice to the principal and notice to the principal is notice to the agent.


— Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.


Regarding Truth . . .


— Truth stands supreme.
— Truth affects but cannot be affected.


— Truth is expressed in the form of an affidavit.


— Truth will out.


— An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth.


— An affidavit must be rebutted point-for-point.


— Thou shall not bear false witness.


— Ignorance is no respecter, it affects all without regard to position or title.


Regarding Sovereignty . . .


— It is self-evident that all men are endowed by their creator (God) with equal and unalienable rights.


— The created cannot be greater than its creator.


— A man can give to another no more than he himself has.


— A man may not with impunity infringe upon another man’s rights.


— The People are Sovereign.


— In America the government is the servant of the “sovereign” People.


Regarding Power and Authority . . .


— We cannot give to anyone or anything any power or authority we do not have.


Thanks Ben Lowrey for the insight!

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