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Humanity is seemingly on the cusp of a renaissance, a renewing of our minds and our hearts and a fire for freedom that is growing stronger and more powerful. Not only here in America but all around the world people are discovering themselves in deeper more transformative ways. Our sciences have finally begun to catch up with what our ancestors have shared with us throughout time. A most simple but paradigm busting scientific discovery is that what we think and feel matters for ourselves, the world and the entire universe…perhaps even the multiverse as different dimensions have also been ‘discovered’. Quantum physics is very clear that the perceptions of the observer (you) directly impacts the reality you experience. All that we perceive outside of ourselves is directly linked to what is within us.


Epigenetics means control over the genes’ and it too has demonstrated this most fundamental aspect of our being. It shows us that every cell is programmable – we used to think that our genes controlled our behavior, our biology, our destiny. Now we know that we come in with gene ‘programs’ and that we can re-write them, we can re-program our DNA which is a carrier of information. Now, who or what is at the command center, who transmits the information to the DNA? Again it falls right back on you and me. So, why is this important to realize?


Well for one thing, “a negative belief can kill you just as much as a positive belief can heal you”~ Bruce Lipton PhD


Matters of healing or otherwise,  it means that we are not victims to our circumstances, that we can experience our lives, our relationships, our perceptions of ourselves and others in brand new ways, perhaps even in ways that better serve us and all of life. Whatever we choose, it means we can shift the direction of something and ultimately that we are responsible for our creations whether we created them consciously, semi consciously or by default if we are just operating off of unquestioned habitual thinking and beliefs i.e. childhood/familial programming, societal programming, media programming etc.  It means that we have the freedom to choose from any possibility we can think of and purpose to manifest it in the physical.


By accepting your self as the powerful creator that you are, you step into your personal power and walk a path that is filled with magic, in fact magic is the norm. We are alchemists by our very nature, transmuting energy all the time, making choices that mold reality into other realities 24/7. Most of us have just believed otherwise, perhaps not believing we could be that powerful…well friends, I’m a believer. But first, I am an experiencer – I have come to verify all of this through my own direct experience. I have not only transformed my relationships, my life, my health, my perceptions of myself and others but have seen other people undergo the same thing. And the common denominator amongst these people including myself, is that we’ve made deliberate firm choices that better serve us and nurture who it is we really want to be and have taken actions to bring our intangible choices into physical fruition. By keeping focus and practicing who or what it is we want to be, we anchor it into our entire being, even our cells and DNA.


This higher consciousness, this new found expanded awareness must be brought to our path of freedom as well. The responsibilty to transform from a voluntary slave to a self governing responsible being is ours. Its not enough to study and memorize law, procedure, and courtroom mantras – its not enough to copy templates and watch seminars. While all is of this is important, valuable and part of the journey it is not the end goal. The goal is to embody what we are learning, to take actions in our lives in alignment with the principles we study and memorize. Information collected and stored in the brain is useless unless it can be lived and acted out in real life application. I encourage us all to open up to our incredibly powerful selves,  to give ourselves permission to be inspired and amazed by what we are capable of and what we can and do accomplish. This is your time to shine and that time is now.

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