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Sometimes, sailing through the vast sea of information available on the internet we can get a little overwhelmed – listening to this audio, watching that seminar, tuning in to this radio show, reading that persons idea about sovereignty, contracts, commerce, law etc. It can be confusing sorting through it all as there is ever more information coming out from more and more people. If and when this happens and we are feeling overwhelmed and unsure which direction to go in about something whether it be a court case or possible jail sentence or child support payments or debt collectors relentlessly calling…whatever it is, it can help us to slow down and get back to basics – revisit and study some basic terminology to improve our understanding of what we are doing and why we are doing it.


Ultimately we want to be comfortable with whatever actions we are taking to create settlement and closure for ourselves and our situation- sometimes we just want it to be over with and rush to take steps to remedy the issue, but rushing into anything without having understanding first can be more hazardous for us than helpful. However there are those situations where time is of the essence and maybe you need to cram because your going to do what your going to do regardless.


An example from my personal life : During the arrest of my vessel due to a bench warrant for operating without a license and not ‘appearing’ in court as per the complaint and summons I realized that I had to make the choice – and it wasn’t even really a choice, it was more like a ‘given’ at that point.


I told myself “here we go, now is the time to walk my talk”, to apply all of the knowledge I had taken in from reading, listening and watching various material about sovereignty, about the “strawman” idea, about money as debt, about commerce, about using A4V to set off debts etc….I was not rooted in one particular area, my focus was diffused trying to take in as much as I could from as many sources as I could in the fastest amount of time that I could. I was limited in my knowledge and competence regarding “sovereignty”, contracts and law but my heart already knew I would be a stand for myself, that I would peacefully not comply the whole way through and that I would give it my all…I didn’t know much but I knew enough to know and choose right then and there that I was going to apply whatever I could remember and muster up to not bow down to the matrix.


I had to do something different, I could not go backwards and un-learn what I had come to discover – I couldn’t bear to volunteer myself as their slave … as their B*tch. So I didn’t … at least I thought I didn’t. After getting arrested in court twice and a couple of stays at the county jail I quickly realized that something I was doing obviously was not working. But still, I had to press on.


And so I still press on, seeking to balance out my studies and always be teachable knowing that as much a I do know there is also much which I do not know. It is about finding my own way that feels most comfortable to me and yes we must engage with the material and  precious assistance of others who are doing the same thing and have similar goals and successes of remedy, settlement and closure of outstanding attachments against our legal persona, but we also must trust ourselves and remember to not look too much to the outside for all of our answers. Spending time with basic terms and foundational material can assist us in coming back to our own center and help us deepen our understanding of just what exactly we are doing. I hope these links serve you well on your journey.


New York Bar Exam – Secured Transaction & Commercial Paper  This site has flashcards for bar exams from different states covering various articles of the U.C.C., Federal Courts, Mortgages, Torts, Evidence, Corporations, Criminal Procedure and more for those interested in important foundations of commerce. These flash cards are a helpful and powerful study tool for the self educating student.


Visit   for a Power Point Presentation titled ‘Basic Terms for Self Educating Students of Law, Commerce and Freedom’ covering a variety of terms, their synonyms and etymological roots. Terms include but are not limited to: Syntax, Diction, Treasury, Law, Proof, Evidence, Person, Persona, Jurisdiction, Court, Claim, Right, Interest, Title, Value, Security, Negotiable Instruments and more.


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