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Updated August, 2016

Several New Positions OPEN!

We Will Be Sorting Through Applicants for AWESOME Candidates through August, September, and October 2016!


+At this moment, UCL is looking for high-caliber, sharp, and dependable individuals for Independent Contractor or Partnership positions. Looking for those with ample experience.


Very Little one-on-one Training will be provided. We are highly preferential to SELF-STARTERS. However, if you are an exceptional individual and are a FAST LEARNER, are PASSIONATE about UCL, and/or have been following us for YEARS, and especially if you can bring things to the TABLE, then you should still apply as you are not automatically disqualified for complete lack of hands-on experience. 


POSITION 1: TELEPHONE SALES, SOLICITING DONATIONS from our Members.   Lack of Sales experience or Fundraising experience disqualifies one immediately. However, don’t let that stop you!  [Click Here if you have no Sales Experience] Freedom and flexibility on working hours, but you should be flexible to take most of clients telephone calls when it’s convenient to them.   You must be familiar with all our products and know every crevice of our website as you will be walking prospects and members alike to different sections on the website. Therefore, if you apply for this position and you are not intimately familiar with our website and Youtube video, you will be disqualified. Certainly it is OK to not know 100% of everything said on every section, but effort should be constantly made to know as much of the content as feasible. The content is available, valuable, and free, so how can you represent and advocate and give answers to our prospects who call unless you know our website and youtube channel yourself?
Compensation:  Commission Based, $2000-$15,000+
There are currently several vacancies for these positions.


POSITION 2: Paperwork Contractor:  Members of our private unincorporated association, can contract with other members for certain paperwork such as Debt Dispute, Filling out Secured Party Creditor Paperwork, Teach People How to Open a Federal Lawsuit and walking them through the Court Process/Procedures. You’ll need to give legal *information* but NOT legal advice and know very well the difference and where not to cross that line! We also need Contractors teaching clients to set up a trust or LLC or IBC. If you have graduated from the “Status Correction Course” process, and have filled out your own Secured Party Creditor paperwork, and can identify the details of why our paperwork is superior and point out the missing elements, why others’ paperwork is materially nullified or irrelevant due to incompleteness, oversimplicity of paperwork, or wrong theories, then you can be of great value to our members/clients and to our company. The SPC process is the #1 demand we expect in 2015 and 2016, and competent graduate from the Status Correction Course will be the 1st selection for this position. Freedom and flexibility on working hours, but you should be flexible to take most of clients telephone calls when it’s convenient to them.
Compensation:  Per Project/Client Helped, $150-$500+ per Client
There are currently several vacancies for these positions.


POSITION 3: Paperwork Manager:   Experienced in Position Two makes you able to manger or supervise work, double check work done by those in position 2, and receive higher compensation. It will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Attention to details is a MUST as *one single word* different on paperwork can mean win or loss for the client.  High Competency is a must. Being a Quick learner and the ability to work under deadlines is a must. Initiative to create and improve templates for ease of flow of paperwork contractors.
Compensation: Per Project/Client Helped plus a Percentage of Group Projects You Supervise and Train
There is one vacancy currently available for this position.


POSITION 4: MARKETING MANAGER   – Be Willing to Organize a Campaign of Presentations for Both Driving Steady Youtube Traffic to our Website for New Members to Join Our Coalition/Membership, as well as Presentations for our Private Members Only for Weekly Webinars. Must Have Experience Putting Together Powerpoint Presentations Teaching/Discussing Certain Concepts in Contract Law, Specific Court Cases of Significance, Walk-Throughs, Tutorials on the SPC Process, or Other Processes. Must prepare high-quality, thought-provoking powerpoints, narrate them, and post them, or writing blog posts of superior quality. Must offer substantial value to the viewers.
Compensation: $25-$125 per video submitted and selected, depending on video quality and length.
There are currently several vacancies for these positions.


RESUME INSTRUCTIONS:  No need for a Resume with unrelated Corporate History nonsense, we need to see your Contract Law experience, Paperwork Experience, and Sales/Video Marketing experience, respective to the position you are applying for.

We don’t care if you DROPPED out of High-School, in fact that will probably look GOOD because it means you had the courage to drop out of brainwashing camp nonsense.

Our clients and constituents deserve the best, so we only wish to work with the best.

If applying for position 3 – only send Resume *Along With* Your first proposed Video that you created via powerpoint and narrated – as a test qualifier – in your e-mail to us.  To see what it takes to Create a Quality Video, Click Here. If you are not on our e-mail list already, why would we wish to work with you?   Obviously, you have to be a huge fan of UCL, have bought at least some of our products/services, and FOR SURE, you must be on our e-mail list or you don’t make the cut!  Are you kiding me?!

ONE MORE QUALIFIER:  You should be one who takes the initiative. If an answer is public and easy to find out you should know how to use a search engine!  Our Policy is to NOT ask us to teach you everything; if it’s FREE to find out using a search engine, then find out on your own do not ask us!  We don’t have time to give answers that are readily available on GOOGLE.  If you already are in the HABIT of taking initiative to GET THINGS DONE and FIND ANSWERS, then we hope you send us your resume and we look to work with you!


After You Send us Your Resume to our e-mail list (you should already be on our email list) – or if You Have A Few Questions: Call 505-340-3632 x 1  , sales/inquiries department


To Your Successful Leadership!


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