Notes on how to get it to work every time:   Vin Number should have the car Registered to the name of a trust and have both legal and equitable title. VIN number should NOT show up on their computer system, or show up removed from their system. If it’s in their system, they have jurisdiction over it. If it’s registered to a US CITIZEN, they have jurisdiction again. You have to get the MSO or Manufactures Statement of Origin, control/own the car (not “Motor Vehicle”) outright, and have no license plate, no drivers license, and not be a US or State Citizen or have rescinded all contracts with the state.



Remember, the STATE (of Nevada, Texas, etc), is a private E-STATE (ESTATE) (they conveniently leave the letter “E” off to avoid blowing their Cover.



ESTATE law is TRUST LAW and the highest form of law. The law enforcement officers are the PROTECTORS of the ESTATE and follow orders from the EXECUTOR and are policing and punishing the TRUSTEES if the Trustee(s) are found to be in Breach of their Fiduciary duty (Estate/State “Statutes” set the terms for the Trustee).



The Trust Indenture is the STATE CONSTITUTION, and “We the People…” formed the E/STATE, and therefore the PEOPLE are the GRANTORS of the Trust.



Start to make sense?    To learn more about trust law, read our section on Trust’s here. Remember to win at any of this you need to set up your own private trust, form your own ESTATE, and create your own statutes laws.


Good luck in your studies!

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