There are various different Debt Elimination Strategies. We do NOT offer A4v or “Accepted for Value”  Strategies for generic debt relief as they do not work. We do not recommend funky “private” instruments such as writing “money order” on a payment coupon, as that does not work, and can even get you in trouble. Use common sense when you hear stuff on Youtube or is any “Patriot Movement” seminar.  To think that you can just send a bill to the government and have them discharge your debt easily out of the good of their heart or because you cited the law, or because you “did it correctly” is naive at best. This is the real world.  Further, that will put you on a “sovereign” patriot watch list,  and in our experience, you can win more readily using mainstream strategies rather than stick your head out and try to pass bogus “bills of exchange” and “money orders”. We’ve had 200 people call and e-mail us for years and followed a lot of what the so-called guru’s like winston shrout, doug riddle, and other say to do, but it just simply DOES NOT WORK. 


I’m sure you’ve tried a whole bunch of nonsense already that doesn’t work and that’s why your on this website. Let’s quit fooling ourselves hoping that there is  some magical pill, and get to real remedies that actually will work.  


Let me critique a “magic pill” product that you may have wasted your money on already.  There is a $400 download product out there called the C******n Debt Cancellation pack, also pre-packaged and sold as the L*****e Debt Cancellation System, and it goes by other names.  It claims to have a full and simple remedy for all unsecured debts – credit cards, student loans, etc.   It is merely 4 pages of templates to send to the debt collector and that’s it. It is nothing special that you could not have put in your own words. We bought it to scope it out and were very disappointed. It’s nothing different than the same stuff people are doing that is failing.  Customer thinks they won because they “haven’t hear anything in a while”, while years later, the customers will get a lawsuit out of the blue and have only 30 days to respond or lose by default. To me, that puts the customer is a dangerous sense of security when there is none, as there is no complete closure on the dispute through an adjudication ratified in a public court. 


The Statute of Limitations on Credit Cards is 3-7 Years (depending on your State).   Just because you haven’t hear anything in a “while” doesn’t mean you won or the product worked. Years later you could get a suit you have to deal with, so make sure that you learn enough to sue them first. Or, you better have the most powerful “private” demands and notices to them, that gets them to consentually sign a waiver to “not sue”.  This is part of what we do, and we can also get the debt collectors to pay you to stop you moving to sue them. Now the issue is completely closed and will never be brought up again. Sleep soundly, and get it off your credit report all in the same time. Use the new money to invest in building real wealth and gaining new knowledge, and know that the matter is settled 100%.



Make sure that you move forward only if you are SERIOUS about completely settling the matter. It is going to be a little bit of a battle, but well worth it. 


If you *Just* want to fix your Credit Report, then that is usually EASY and SIMPLE, but when you fix your report, you should know that you didn’t do anything to “beat or eliminate” or settle the actual debt. Fixing credit is a separate matter of reporting to the public credit record if you pay your bills on time, THAT’S IT.  So make sure you settle the matter first and foremost so that you do not get sued. Otherwise, you could wind up paying extra fees, interest, and court costs and they will take it out of your bank account one day and/or garnish your paycheck for many many years to come. 


If you are just looking to fix your Credit Report and don’t care about a future lawsuit, levy of funds from your bank and/or wage garnishment, then you only need to fix your credit report. Read the DIY CREDIT REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS PROGRAM, a simple step-by-step simple guide guaranteed to work for removing collection accounts. 


Feel free to call us 505-340-3632 if you are committed, and if you have a donation to exchange for our help.


You should be aware that helping teach you step-by-step to beat the debt collectors in court if necessary, is in many cases 3-5 months of paperwork and constant communication. Therefore, we have hired and trained people on standby ready to help you. Obviously those people are paid a salary over the period of time they are helping you, and they live 100% on their pay. So, keep in mind that this is a premium service and the minimum donation usually is $1000.  In most cases, you have to sue the bank or debt collector in federal court to get complete closure.  


It’s also up to you to negotiate if and when the bank’s attorneys call you!  You should be reading books on and practicing the skillful art of NEGOTIATION. Buy and read some books if you suck at negotiation, bartering, and persuasion. How will you ever win at persuading the judge/court to rule in your favor and/or the attorney’s to settle on your terms if you suck at this basic success skill?    It’s common sense that you will need those skills to win, and so if you suck at them, work on THAT first and foremost.
So, if you are not ready yet to get in the boxing ring, then you may wish to focus on some personal development too. Hiding at home behind mailing paper disputing the debt doesn’t always cut it. There are no “Magical” documents that can get your debt to be eliminated, or discharged.  


The full strategy involves Communication via the telephone at times, along with causing enough paperwork bullets being fired to make it a hassle for their attorneys, driving up the cost of your case to collect and litigate, and then negotiating a settlement over the phone. This is an approach that regularly works, but people don’t wish to do the work. Well, if you wish to save $20,000, $50,000 or $70,000 dollars on making lifetime payments to them until your balance is $0.00, then you might wish to do the work! The total time in the end for you to complete your process, might take you, let’s just say “50 hours”. So do the math… if you had $50,000 in debt and it took you 50 hours to get rid of it, that’s $1000 per hour you are earning by doing “all that work“. Is it worth it??    


Also, You may be on the phone for 2 or 3 minute but have you ever heard that your First Impression makes a big difference?  You gotta be strong, or sign a friend as your power of attorney who is a strong mannered individual, to help you by communicating on your behalf.
Debt Elimination is NOT FOR EVERYONE. It also takes good organization and record-keeping skills. And, above all, good HEALTH, and the ability to follow through on your commitment. You must be available and never be taken out of the game for long periods of time due to health, death in family, issue with kids, etc. When you gotta respond to letters or go to a court hearing, you gotta do it in order to follow through and win.


Do you have what it takes for the reward? Most sadly do not. They let life distract them, lose paperwork, and can’t find files on their computers. If that’s you, you may wish to settle, consolidate, or if you can’t pay, just avoid the issue for a few years until you turn your financial life around. Starting a new skill or business (like an online business) is a great way to aim at earning more income in the next few years. Plus they can’t garnish your paycheck if you are in business for yourself, so getting out of the rat-race and firing your boss is a great strategy for those with a high amount of unsecured and secured debt.  Another strategy for turning your financial life around is to learn the knowledge to pay less in taxes than you currently do right now. Only your ignorance is holding you back from paying more than highly-educated people do in taxes. The richest people pay the least in taxes because they read the tax law, have professional they consult with, and use corporations and trusts to pay less in taxes.


If you are STRONG, ABLE, and NOT DETERRED by our Approach on the side of Caution, and wish to speak with us about how we can facilitate your Success, Contact us at 505-340-3632 and we’ll set up a time to pull up your sleeves, work out a strategy, and talk business. Some types of debt will be worth your time to fight, others will not. 


Be careful of others out there who say something “Worked”. Read into it….do your own research. Your dispute can go away for a while, but “i haven’t heard anything from them” doesn’t mean you won! The issue can linger on for years if you don’t nip it in the butt. Look up the Statue of Limitations in your State for that kind of debt.  Use Google. Be a researcher!  Ultimately, only you are responsible for your own success. We are here to give you all the tools and ammunition to fight and win the battle. We can’t and won’t pull all of the triggers for you. 
Getting rid of my debt on 6 Credit Cards was the way that I got excited about Contract Law, studied full time, and eventually built this website. But, I’m a persistent tenacious unique individual who had a lot of time to study.
Set up a consultation here and then call us at 505-340-3632, and you will be able to speak with an expert in the next 1-3 days to fulfill your request. It doesn’t hurt to find out what our members might be able to recommend to you, and the solution MAY be more simple based on the scenario. A consultation is your best bet to start the conversation with us.


See more info on Debt Elimination Strategies under “Admin Process” navigation section.  There are many other strategies not listed there as well, that we can discuss on a consultation call.


The Empower Yourself Pack contains many “Do It Yourself” step by step (with video narration) strategies, but UCL also can offer to refer you to other private members who have had successes with your type of account (student loan, credit card, hospital debt, foreclosure, etc), and we may connect the two of you and have the member do the document preparation. Each service provider requests a different size donation, but they are usually at $1000 and up for a full service plus customer support.

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