A Journey Through Scaredy Cat Consciousness


I first heard these words ‘Scaredy Cat Consciousness’ uttered by J.M. Sovereign Godsent in discussions about sovereignty and since, have not stopped contemplating and assimilating what they mean for me as well as the collective. According to some online definitions a Scaredy Cat is one who becomes easily frightened, one who is timid or needlessly fearful. In stepping back and taking a more encompassing view, I recognize that the choice between living as slave or sovereign is a choice to dwell in Scaredey Cat Consciousness (SCC) or dwell in Freedom, Trust, and Love (FTL) Consciousness. SCC is an underlying state of uncomfortable anxiety, a state of unnecessary fright and timidity. I would say most of us are walking around with some residue of SCC if not full blown SCC. FTL Consciousness is a state of being where one’s freedom is exercised and experienced, where one has full faith and trust not in the illusory artificial systems of this world but faith and trust in life itself and his or her own self. And love in this context means love, honor and respect for the Self, for others, for Life itself and for the Creator or Creatrix. SCC and FTL Consciousness are both states of being. They are not what we have, they are who and how we are being. Our actions or inactions are but extensions of our state of mind and we can see what kind of consciousness we dwell in by observing our speaking, our behaviors, actions and our predominant thinking.


Now when we look at the state of affairs in our country and around the world, for instance the corporate banking cabals that finance and control most governments and who have enslaved entire populations to an unending, perpetual system of finance created and born out of debt, or when we look at the crackdown on our privacy and rights, or the ever invasive genetic engineering of our food, our seeds, our natural world, our bodies and DNA, there is understandably a sense of fear that can arise. I myself on my own journey have dealt with moments and experiences of fear; namely because somewhere in the smallness of my Scardey Cat Conscious-ness I believe these forces to be above me and more powerful than me. And there is all the evidence to back that up right? “They” have the weapons, technology and power to destroy little ol’ me…if not via force then via the poisoning of the food supply or the poisoning of the atmosphere and the controlling of the climate and weather via geoengineering/weather modification experiments and programs. And of course to boot, all the brave new world science is funded by the same cabals that poof paper money into existence with a wave of their wand (pen, but nowadays a mere computer entry). But what if SCC is the exact thing that perpetuates this power structure and enslavement of the masses? Would we be in the same situation if we shifted our Scardey Cat Consciousness to a consciousness more rooted in Freedom, Trust, and Love instead? Could it be that we are enslaved as a result of our SCC or is it is the other way around?


The full story is incomplete until we acknowledge this fundamental, critical aspect of our selves. And that is that we are co-creators of our lives. This truth was known and taught in a variety of ways and teachings throughout the millennium by our ancestors. It is also now known by us, through modern day scientific observations. Specifically it is our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, actions, inactions and re-actions, even factors such as nutrition and stress that have been shown to be programming our cells. The science is called Epi-genetics. We are also programming the quantum energy field within us and surrounding us through the same means. It is our unseen thoughts and emotions manifested through our actions, behaviors, and our words that influence and determine our experienced reality. The science is called Quantum Physics. It turns out that we have much more responsibility for our selves and our lives than we’ve been led to believe. So knowing this, and at this stage in the game, remaining in SCC is actually adding to the creation and perpetuation of that which we want freedom from. We cannot experience our inherent freedom while the thick wall of SCC is so firmly rooted in place. This wall must be cracked, ultimately broken to pieces and swept away. So it’s the old which came first the chicken or the egg? And in my view it doesn’t matter. It is obvious that we are the ones in charge of our lives not only because of what the ancients and scientists have told us, but because if we are honest with our selves we can see where and how we influence outcomes in our life. When you knew you wanted to get a car, you made the decision, maybe saved or borrowed some money, but some way, some how you got the car. You chose that and it came to be. This happens all day long in big and small ways for each of us. We say it, do it, and have the experience of it. More so, there is pristine, symmetrical, brilliant, self replicating intelligence underlying all matter; this too has been shown by our science. The infinitely intelligent architect of our bodies, our “vessels” made it inherently so, that you and I are constantly co-creating our experiences and our genetic information. It is the natural order that you and I are the command center of our bodies, our lives and our energy fields, hence we are the sovereigns endowed with our authority over our own lives, by the natural order of life and creation itself; by the radiant living intelligence that underlies ALL. No one can think, feel or act FOR you or me, thus no one has authority over us except our own selves. The key is to declare this for oneself and LIVE IT. Not just know it intellectually but knowing it in your heart, your soul, your gut.


One more gem I got from my conversation with J.M. Sovereign Godsent was to trust fully in oneself; to not doubt one self and to ask for help from the highest, deepest, wisest place within and act with gratitude for the prayer or asking having been answered. Because of my spiritual life I understand this and live this in nearly all areas of my life, except in the area of my sovereignty. It hit me like a Mack truck that my sovereignty is no different and that I must apply my spiritual life and tools to this area just like all other areas of my life. I have allowed myself to “hold off” on filing my CLAIM FOR THE LIFE, DECLARATION OF SOVEREIGNTY and AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH AND FACT because I wanted to be sure I “do it right”. I was certain I needed to know more. While I honor my eye for detail and precision, I’d be fooling myself if I did not acknowledge the presence of scaredy cat feelings and the ever so subtle fearful thinking, lurking in the background of my mind.


What I know now is that what is called Sovereignty or freedom is a state of being. It is not a thing, not an object or subject to attain or possess; it is something one IS. No matter how pristine my paperwork is, if I do not believe in myself, my paperwork will be worthless and useless to me. And because of the responsibility I inherently have over my life, if I do not believe that life itself will support my endeavors, as the laws of nature would have it, all the proof I’d need for “life doesn’t support me” would show up as a result of my state of consciousness and beliefs about it. It is up to us turn the tides of our life-Not the other way around. The controllers of the masses will remain in our lives for as long as we live in SCC. In giving up our SCC and taking a leap of faith and trust in ourselves and Life we shift the direction of our energies and thus begin to create different outcomes in alignment with our sovereign consciousness…a consciousness of faith, trust, self love and honor, power and authority over ones life. Add a sprinkle of unattached unconditional love for others and you have one highly developed divine being in human form walking this planet. All of this is here already for us…but we must claim it, and do so in a manner within the framework of reality as it currently is, by declaring it for the record and on the record. Announcing to the world, who we are. It has been said by wise ancients that where we dwell in consciousness is where we truly dwell. So what consciousness are you dwelling in?

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