Voluntary Paycheck Taxes:  How To Prevent  Confiscation of Your Earnings Every Week…


When you signed up for your job, you volunteered into a contract. Probably if you are reading this, you did not know all your options. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, we can all agree. You were ignorant of your rights and the agreement and your options. Somebody gave you an *offer*, “Here sign this W-2 form here, here, and here. And by this spot, put down “0” or “1” depending on *how much* taxes and contributions you want taken out of your paycheck.


You accepted their offer, and did it voluntarily and the employers are not wrong or the “bad guys”. It is *your responsibility* to counter-offer and/or fill out the form differently based on your own knowledge, or to offer to not fill out the W-2 Wage-Withholding form.


A proper response might be, “Do I have to fill this form out in order to gain employment here?”


If they were to say “Yes you must fill it out”, then I would respond, “Are you saying that your company will deny me the privilege of working here if I insist on keeping our contract of hire-for-pay between us two parties exclusively?”


or “I will accept to fill this out to provide basic information under the condition that no third-party interloper will be involved in garnishing the earnings that you and I agree upon.”


or “I will agree to have my wages garnished and contribute to medicare, social security, etc, under the condition that you pay me $100,000 overdue and owning immediately. Do you agree to that?”


If they insist they need your social security number, you may want to say “Are you aware your violating a federal law which states that no one shall deny any right, privilege, or benefit for failure to disclose their social security number?”


Remember, when they fail to reason it is probably because they are a lower-level and ignorant of the law. Do not get defensive or angry. This is a test, or an opportunity for you to practice contact law! Ask for the supervisor, and then their supervisor, all the way up. Ask for the legal department or to speak with the executive director or whoever the CEO of the company is.


Why ask for the head honcho? In the event they realize your rights were violated, they can easily fire the lower-level person, to show that it was against company protocol to violate your rights. If the CEO or President violates your rights and denies you employment due to your not wanting to have your wages garnished by social security and other “contributions” and taxes, then you can go after the company which will be liable for your injury. You can perfect a claim against them for the total amount of what you would have likely been paid upon your probably employment….. x 3 for “Trouble Damages”.


It is unlikely that they want to do this!!!


Now, if you are already employed and have taxes and social security contributions taken out, here is a sample letter you can send:


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We recommend to only send the letters after a reasonable attempt at dialogue has gotten nowhere. It’s best to send through a Notary Public, with Certified Mail rather than just a third-party witness. It’s also best to start an Administrative Procedure so that you can give them due process to respond, and certify their default, as well as an Administrative Judgment. This way you can file a claim and collect on damages if you ever need to.


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