Q: I have a completed an administrative A process using a Notary and have an Apostille. I am considering filing this in the public court as a Foreign Judgment for Declaratory Judgment skipping B process and going straight to C.  What are your thoughts?


A: Mostly we file it under a miscellaneous case file in a federal district court. If you open up a cause of action you can go in. People also have some success trying to register it as a foreign judgment but not all the time…its not really a true judgment with just an “A” process, its only a CLAIM. It has not been adjudicated by an official court with set rules, a docket sheet, etc. so the public courts can deny it as a foreign judgment. Some states have rules you should look at the local rules.


Q: I am sending out an A-2 tomorrow on another claim using a Recorder Keeper that I believe I will have to ratify in the Court of International Claims in B process before I can get it recognized in a public court as a Foreign Judgment for Declaratory Judgment.


OR, by getting an Apostille on the Notary Affirmation/witness of the Administrative Judgment would it be feasible to skip B process and go right to C the public court with this Foreign Judgment/Apostilled for Declaratory Judgment. What are your thoughts?
A: There’s no real need to do a “B” process unless you want public ratification….this is up to you. It doesn’t make lots of sense to do an A then C process in my opinion.

Q: On the Money Order Tendered for set off I put my SS# no dashes as my account number and the Red number found on the back of my new SS card as the routing number.

A: Red number on the back is never used to obtain a loan at a bank, so why would you need this to set off a loan with the same “account” ? If you put an inaccurate routing / account number on a negotiable instrument, there are consequences, go look up what they are and make an intelligent decision.
Q: I have heard and believe that it is not necessary to do an administrative process for Bonding with the Treasury, or any Bonding.

I do not plan to do this because I know no one who would be willing to sign as my sureties. What are your thoughts?
Pros & Cons?



A: Bonding the Treasury for what purpose? Most people just send 1 mailing and a cert. of non-response is sufficient record that the Bond is on file with the treasury.


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