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Santos Bonacci

Santos Bonacci


Santos Bonacci is quickly becoming known for speaking out against the machine that has systematically taken the people and enslaved them into a system that we don’t even realize exists.


He has been making videos around the world that are going viral due to his fearless explanations and calls to action for the people to reclaim their freedom. In this video, he is being interviewed as he walks out of court.


What is so fascinating about Santos Bonacci, is that he publicly talks about this and makes no effort whatsoever to be subtle or “colorable” about what he’s saying. He must not care about his car blowing up one day or a meteorite coming to hit him from the sky…


In this video he shows bond numbers and cusip numbers from his birth certificate to the people standing around him. He says the birth certificate is a bond. We are the principle of our birth certificate bond that is traded on the stock market.



Could this be true? Yes, Santos Bonacci is absolutely correct in this statement. There are indeed bond numbers created against our birth certificates and those bonds are traded as the stock market. This all began the last time the federal government went bankrupt and decided to pledge us, the people, as collateral to borrow against. So, we are the sureties against the trillions of debt the government owes currently.



Well why didn’t anyone ask us if we wanted to do this? Actually, no one asked us, because we volunteered. When a child is born and the mother applies for a birth certificate, she is in essence volunteering her child to be taken into the system and used as surety for the bonds to be traded against his body  and for the government to borrow more from the Federal Reserve.



Santos Bonacci also says in the video, “When you discharge a debt, you are actually discharging against the value that is in there”.



What he is saying is that each birth certificate “estate” is worth millions, if not billions, due to all the money that is made from it as a financial instrument.



Now, this is possible because we, as living, breathing, working, sentient beings, produce value. When we work and create things, we produce value. All money is energy, and who brings this energy? We do. This is why the government and all other agencies or firms involved in this system, can take a birth certificate, draft bonds from it, and trade them on the financial markets. It is because they know that every baby born will produce an enormous amount of value during his/her lifetime.



So, when Santos Bonacci says you can discharge against the value of the birth certificate, he is saying that you can discharge and settle a debt out of the value(millions/billions) that is tied to your birth certificate(estate). Incredible, right?


So why isn’t everyone doing this? Is it really as simple as saying “yea, just charge it to my birth certificate”?


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