Looking for The Secret A4V Formula, Folks?:


Send Together in One Presentment(A4V Step by Step):


1. A “Settlement Offer” detailing the Parties, the Offer, the Governing Law of the Contract, the Terms of the Offer, the Terms of Acceptance, the Terms of Performance, the Fiduciaries Duties to Perform in a Specified Time Frame, the Terms of Lawful Rejection of the Offer, and the Terms of Breach (what will happen if they don’t send you a receipt for you payment or a release of lien or whatever it is you want…clear title, etc)


2. Include your “Payment” – be it a Piece of paper with your signature on it and a “promise to pay” (a Promissory Note), Certificates of Capital Interest in a Trust (this is like Stock Certificates for a Trust), or an International Money Order for any amount (International makes it PRIVATE and not in the U.S. jurisdiction), or Stock Certificates or ANY Certificate, or any other form of MONEY! OR — You can send a Box of Chocolates, a bottle of wine (this is the example used on page 75 in Brian Blum’s textbook “Contracts: Examples and Explanations” 4th edition), or anything else of VALUE for CONSIDERATION.


3. include Request Regarding a Statement of Account showing a $0.00 balance [according to UCC 9-210….ummm…..yeah, “GOOGLE IT” if you don’t know it inside and out  :=)  ]


4. include Affidavit of Specific Negative Averment (certified copy, as you always keep your original Affidavits)


5. If you’re educated enough to know what you are doing, you can include copies of the IRS forms that for tax purposes, will show the IRS that the account has been “Closed” and “Paid”, and send the originals to the appropriate IRS office for filing (Not for beginners if you don’t know what you’re doing)


6. If you’re educated enough to know what you are doing, you can also file the proper UCC financing forms that might be appropriate to record your transaction in the commercial registry as an Assignment of property, money, or an instrument to the BANK (or the IRS, respondent, whoever it is….)


Your presentment of the Above Six Steps (all at once in one Large Manilla Envelope) MUST be sent through a Third-Party Witness who keeps records of this nature [this will come in handy later when it comes to submitting evidence in accordance with Federal Rules of Evidence and the “Exception to the Heresay Rule”, who will sign Affidavits of Service and Affidavits of Non-Response and Non-Performance AND be willing to testify or send Affidavits to a COURT to help you with Enforcement.


All must be sent via Registered Mail (so that It’s Private) (fyi – Certified Mail is within the U.S. and Domestic which takes it out of the private jurisdiction, just read on the top of any certified mail receipt where it says “Domestic Mail Only”. Domestic means in U.S. i.e. the District of Columbia and Military Occupation Zones (zip code zones)…do some research on that if you need to -> https://understandcontractlawandyouwin.com/zip-code-propaganda/)


Then….you wait to see if they PERFORM. If they do, then Great. Obviously doing the EXTRA work was worth having your debt discharged rather than just writing A4V on a piece of toilet paper and thinking it would work…


If it doesn’t work, then you give them DUE PROCESS to respond/cure their fault/cure their breach. You then can Default them. Then, you take them to Court for Enforcement….


*Documents Needed for Successful Enforcement of Your Claim Against the Bank* (or other Respondent you sent the “A4V” Six Step Presentment to):


If You Are On the Offense (You Have NOT been sued yet):


1. Open up a lawsuit against the bank


2. Summons and Complaint – Causes of Action: Material Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Unjust Enrichment, Conversion


3. Motion for Default Judgment – or Motion for Summary Judgment


4. Writ of Execution or Motion to Compel the Bank to Release the Lien


IF YOU ARE ON THE DEFENSE (YOU’VE ALREADY BEEN SUED) – if you are on the DEFENSE meaning they already sued you and are trying to take your property… the you have to put together (in this order) an:


1. Answer
2. Counterclaim(if you have a claim)
3. Order to Show Cause and Ex Parte Motion to Stay Sale (or Repossession)
4. Counter all their Accusations and Presumptions via Affidavits, Declarations in Negative Averment-style, including Records and Exhibits of your process/evidence (your Initial Presentment offer to the bank and proof of Service and delivery and non-response)


THIS A4V PROCESS IS NOT FOR CASUAL YOUTUBERS LOOKING TO WRITE A4V ON A NAPKIN AND HAVE ALL THEIR DEBTS PAID!!!   There was some fluke in the system and the simple “A4V on a Napkin process” (as I jokingly call it…) worked for a few people 5 and 6 years ago but it is NOT working anymore.


Our outline above is the real deal of how to win and get enforcement. If you take them to court then they are bound to perform at the barrel of a gun. Court Orders are enforced by The Sheriff and they will follow a Court Order (or Judgment) or they are in CONTEMPT of Court and will be Arrested. Corporations who violate Court Orders are also Fined and have their Accounts Levied by the Sheriff in order to pay YOU.




GET a Copy of Brian Blum or Restatements Second, to understand contracts….


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There is no secret A4V formula – get creative you can use anything of Value or any form of Money in place of it.

UCL personally does not even use any A4V processes.


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-Understand Contract Law And You Win!! As the name implies!!


So, I’ll leave you also with some free training videos on Enforcement in the Courts that we just uploaded…


click here for a video on Enforcing A4V: Answer and Counterclaim (A4V sent from a TRUST)

This is for if you are on the Defense and the Bank is suing you, for example for :a Judgment for Money, or to take your house or car.



click here for a video on A4V Effect of Performance as Discharge and of Non Performance as Breach
click here for a video regarding Memorandum of Points in Support of Your A4V


click here for a video on Enforcing A4V: Petition for Mandatory Judicial Notice


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