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If you are a U.S. Citizen, the “STRAWMAN” is your UNITED STATES owned and controlled corporate entity that you have been sailing the seas of commerce with your whole life. You are basically a slave of the UNITED STATES and all it’s private codes and statues that they pass in order to regulate their creation of the STRAWMAN. A citizen is a “slave” or subject. So when they say “sovereign citizen” – that is an oxymoron:  sovereign is “to be of your own authority” and citizen is to be a “subject/slave”.


So, what if we were to terminate, amend, or cancel our birth certificate contract?  This is in essence what the Secured Party Creditor filings and other related processes are trying to do. They are not cancelling the contract completely – but are putting a rider on the contract and making certain claims and amendments that effect your status as it relates to that contract.


secured party creditor

The birth certificate is actually *ONE SHARE* in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the corporation. It has immense value and wealth if you could sell that stock. The only problem is since the STRAWMAN is a partnership of the UNITED STATES and the private unenfranchised individual (the living you) – there is a tug of war going on. Who has the say ?   Who has a superior claim to the STRAWMAN and the Assets from the value of this birth certificate or very valuable stock certificate?


That’s where the Secured Party Creditor filings, Redemption Process like taught in the Redemption Manual, UCC-1 Class taught by Gary Sund and others, the “Executor Letter” Process with David Clarence all come in to play. You can even go so far as to gain citizenship of another entity such as a foreign or native american entity, or a state citizen (of the California Republic, for example), and if you were to record and establish that *STATUS* correctly, then you lay grounds to expatriate your corporate U.S. citizenship without risk of being deported.


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The UCC is simply a lien on the property it specifies and must have an underlying Security Agreement to be valid. A perfected UCC-1 lien takes priority over a warrant lien that a mortgage company records in the county; it is the highest form of a lien/claim/interest.  


So in the Secured Party Creditor “process”, you need a Security Agreement between the the living person and the corporate fiction.


Remember the Wizard of Oz? The lion, the tin man, and the strawman were the three alter egos that you have in the commercial world. The lion represents the living man (who lacks courage), the tin man represents the Secured Party Creditor/Banker (bankers are said to have “no hearts”), and the Strawman is the scaredy cat that everyone picks on and bullies because he hasn’t got a remedy (or a brain…in fact without a brain you are DEAD and in fact the corporate vessel is not living it is in fact DEAD.).


Declarations are made in the form of an Affidavit(s), with Oaths witnessed by 2 or more witnesses, which we enact and notify others via a method referred to as the Administrative Process:  UCC-1, Security Agreement, Power of Attorney In Fact.


Acceptance for Value (A4v) endorsements are ways to discharge the Birth Certificate and the effect of it enslaving us. Basically, in the Secured Party Creditor process, we A4V or Discharge the birth certificate (a Certified copy), and replace it with a superior Claim in the form of a Lien over our public vessel ESTATE (the ALL CAPS STRAWMAN and it’s property).



Now, the challenge for most people is that they are looking for a quick remedy. People are looking to pay a certain sum of money for somebody to hand them paperwork to file, and they think that is going to re-gain their sovereignty and freedom. And the Secured Party Creditor ID is just a scam too…there is nothing legit about that. You best be getting a world passport from World Service Authority, or a 2nd passport from another country to actually be recognized as another ID (or an Affidavit of ID notarized).


Nothing can be further from the truth!   Perfectly executed paperwork will mean nothing if the individual behind the paperwork is inept to stand on their corrected STATUS.



This is why, when you become a Secured Party Creditor, or change your STATUS – you need to learn CONTRACT LAW in order to be always vigilant and able to enforce and stand on your new STATUS.


If somebody were to say to you “Show me your drivers license”?   or “What is your Social Security number” or (in court):  “State your name for the record” and you were to not know how to answer properly in your new status – then what good is your new status? I can’t stress it enough that the Secured Party Creditor Benefits you will receive are also based on your ability to understand contract law and the concepts of sovereignty. The SPC filings are just a TOOL – a very powerful one – like a chainsaw. But if you don’t know how to plug it in and use or operate it, you will never be able to do what others do with the tool – like cut down trees (a quite massive feat to do without a chainsaw, I might add)….


That’s why, here at Understand Contract Law And You Win – we teach you FIRST the foundational principles and establish you as a Contract Law expert FIRST – before you are even ready to file any Secured Party Creditor paperwork.   Please don’t waste your money on Secured Party Creditor paperwork if you think it’s going to prevent you from going to jail, discharge all your debts, or give you magical special powers. We invite you to subscribe to our private membership website  (see right-hand side at the top, to create a FREE Account)  if you’d like to learn more. We also have a 24 hour phone number at  505-340-3632 where you can ask a few simple questions to be guided in the right direction. (Or you can pay now and schedule a full 30 or 60 minute consultation – see right hand side of the page).

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