People call or e-mail us every single day asking the Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Mentality question:


How long does it take to become a Secured Party Creditor???


They say this and I ask more questions, and what I usually determine is that most people out there researching this topic think that there is some gold panacea of having all your problems taken care of, being able to just use a black card to pay for everything and everything without ever having to work.


Yea, it sounds pretty inticing (if your gullible or naive) to someone who wants to live a lazy life, but it not very practical nor would it even be fun if you could just defer all your debts or purchases to be paid for with your Treasury Account.


Life is a journey not a destination my friends.


If the goal is the end result, then, you would just kill yourself now…because, the end result of all our work/study in our life now, is that we will die.


I would content that you’ll get a lot more joy out of life is you focus on living, loving, and learning, rather than the end result. Remember, the end result for most of us is death! So…don’t focus on the end result.


If you were to travel across the country by car, wouldn’t most of the journey be the entire fun of the trip? The end result is coming back home! If you really cared about the end result, then why leave in the first place? Why not fast forward and save yourself 2 weeks? You’d be denying yourself the entire fun of the journey, don’t you see that?


Some people even leave messages on our voice mails for us saying “I am a Secured Party Creditor….and I want to learn how to Set Off my debts…”


My question, not to be offensive or facecious, is…if you WERE a secured party creditor, why are you contacting me to get help?


In a few short paragraphs I am going to attempt to dispel the myth that everybody seems to buy into: Paperwork that you paid somebody to do, does NOT make you anything!


It is practice every day living by the principles, and having your own successes, being able to handle all your Strawman’s affairs effectively, *That Makes You* a Secured Party Creditor…at least according to my definition (for what it’s worth).


Let me give you another example:


Does being baptized, having communion, and confirmation make you any more of a Catholic than somebody who hasn’t done those three things but who sincerely lives the principles of Catholicism and Christianity in their daily life?


Which is more important?


I believe that somebody who forgives easy, follows the 10 Commandments and never breaks them, and who truly believes in Jesus, says all their prayers, and who truly *knows who they are* is not only just as well a Catholic, but could even *More*  Catholic than somebody who is “on paper” but who is not actually living their life by the principles.


The same holds true for any other religion, or anything else.


I am a vegetarian because I deem my own determination of what that means to me. I am a healthy eater because I say that I am. I am strong and “in shape” because I declare that I am. I don’t need any paperwork at all to clasify myself.


Now, when it comes to “Being” a Secured Party Creditor, I would say that 90% of people who think they are, are not.


Filing a UCC is merely a Notice of a Security Interest or Lien. You are not a Secured Party Creditor merely because you file one (or paid someone to file one, which is even worse).


Shakespeare said:


All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,

As You Like It Act 2, scene 7, 139–143


We play many many roles my friends.


I can be a father to my children, but I am not a father to Bank of America. I can be a son to my mother but that role is only between her and me, no one else. I am a guardian to my pet dogs, but not to others. I can be a customer to the pizza or coffee shop in my town. That is my role. We have many many many distinct roles in the eyes of others, and other agencies, including IRS, USTreasury, Wells Fargo, a Court Case, etc.


Actually, we might be a Creditor with our Wells Fargo Credit Card account, but maybe we are a Debtor with the Mortgage. Those are different accounts, so we have the opportunity to be different roles. And we can change our role at any time from Debtor to Creditor.


We all have a Creditor within us, and we all have a Debtor within us. In some situations we play the role of Creditor, and some we play the role of a Debtor.


In the Wizard of Oz movie, the Tin Man or (Tax Identification Number / EIN – Exemption Identification Number man), had his arm with the ax rusted from lack of use. The Creditor within you has all the power of an Ax (metaphor translation – pen) in your hand, but you have never used your pen/autograph to Set Off any accounts for yourself or your brother.


Why don’t you Set Off some accounts and then you’ll be playing the role of Creditor. You can do this without needing to have any Secured Party Filings done on any UCC’s. Every success example on our website has been done with people who do not have these relic’ed UCC’s filed.


Secured Party Filings and UCC’s are not only not a “panacea” but not even necessary at all to be a Creditor.


Creditors ask questions that lead to harmony, Creditors work towards Set Off, Settlement, and Closure of all Outstanding Accounts, Creditors will extend Credit to Banks, Corporations, Individuals, their brother, neighbor, community to stimulate economic growth. Creditors will Set Off debt in order to Reduce the National Debt and for the Benefit of the US Treasury, and *Not* for selfish reasons like to get free homes, get free cars, etc.


Are you a Creditor or what I would deem a Faux Creditor??


If you want to learn the principles and applied concepts to become a Creditor, I suggest you plug some audios onto your MP3 Player.


I am nobody special…I just got to be a little more knowledgable perhaps than you are because instead of watching TV, listening to the radio, or working a job that requires my full attention, I work for myself which allows me to put on Creditors in Commerce (CIC) audios in the background 6-8 hours a day.


I also listen to CIC audios whilst doing the laundry, driving or commuting, taking a shower (I listen with an Ipod playing through a mini-stereo on the sink), whilst cooking/cleaning the kitchen, cleaning my bedroom or office, etc etc.


All in all, I’ve been able to develop a 4-year college education in Commerce, Contract Law, etc…all for FREE from Creditors in Commerce’s free Audio Library, in about 10 hours a day of listening to audios, doing a tiny bit of reading a Contract book, a UCC in a Nutshell book, and a Law Dictionary… and then discussing with mentor’s the meaning of certain concepts.


You can do it too.


If we can help accelerate your learning, feel free to contact us. We have many services that we offer to try to cut down your learning curve and samples of documents that are used in processes.


Blessings to you all and best of luck in your studies and conversion to Creditorship.


For more insight on what it means to be a Creditor, listen to the following audios:

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Creditors in Commerce – Living Temple 2009 – “Creditor and Debtor”



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