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A4V Birth Certificate ESTATETo understand A4V or Accepted for Value, first you need to understand that the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS STRAWMAN “JOHN H DOE” is an ESTATE. One of the (hidden) Assets in this ESTATE is the Birth Certificate, which was transferred over to the (E)State that you were born in (which is just another ESTATE), and is being used by that state until the point where you claim your interest in your ESTATE back.


The birth certificate is the TITLE to your physical body, and whoever holds it has the right to collect (and enforce non-payment of) taxes, judgments, liens and etc against YOUR STRAWMAN. So, as you can tell, the profitability of you from all these payments over your lifetime is enormous. So, the “holder in due course” is originally the (E)STATE that you were born in, and they transferred it over to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, or CANADA, THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, or whatever entity that you think you reside in. The STATE’s in the USA gave up their assets to the UNITED STATES during the bankruptcy during the time of the Civil War; which is explained in a FREE 3-hour introductory course by Brandon Alexander Adams of Creditors in Commerce at this link. Check it out to understand the full history behind A4V and the USA bankruptcy and the bankruptcy of other countries around the world at the same time.


So, if the USA (or Canada/Australia/UK/etc) is the holder of the TITLE to you, then they have a valuable instrument. Think about it in terms of the holder of the note on a mortgage, or the holder of the Certificate of Title for the car (or the holder of the Legal Title or M.S.O. for the car)… the holder is the one with the right to enforce and has a security interest in the pledged collateral (the property, the car, or…in this case…YOU). That means they can SEIZE the collateral, whatever it is.


But now…the one holding the title can also trade and sell that title, or invest it; or, to pledge it to other parties in order to get lines of credit or loans. Similar to how you can get a mortgage or Home equity line of credit, and pledge the house as collateral for seizure if the “loan” goes into default and remains unpaid.




A4V Birth Certificate ESTATESo when you A4V, you are basically using your “Exemption Number” connected to the birth certificate (some say to use the number on the front of social security number, or the back of the social security card in RED, or the Certificate of Live Birth Filing Number), and that is connected to the asset that you are obtaining credit off of. Many even believe there is an open private-side birth certificate/social security “account”, because this explains how you can go into any bank, sign your name and give your social security number, and get a line of credit instantly when of course the bank never technically “loans” you other depositor’s money. The line of credit is created off the birth certificate ASSET/ESTATE.




The largest reason individuals have challenges getting their A4V to work, is due to lack of knowledge, lack of insight, lack of critical thinking. Many think they can execute processes to discharge or setoff large amounts of commercial debt, but without having a well-versed education in the subject matter of the law.


Although many are able to get an A4V instrument to miraculously work without much effort, we have found in our observations that only is 1% of the cases. In the rest of the cases, the offeror of the A4V instrument will need to do a complete commercial process (non-judicially or judicially), to enforce their A4V and Setoff claim.


The main premise of the A4V process is that the A4V instrument is a bill of exchange under UCC and Commercial Law, and that the bill is being presented, or offered, to it’s intended recipient, as a counteroffer for the debt owed. This means, although you are sending me an invoice, bill, or statement, and it might state to make a payment in “check or money order”, I am giving you a counteroffer with a proper negotiable instrument under commercial law, on the private side of the ledgering, and now it is all about Contract law.


If you keep the instrument, that I claim has value, then we have a contract and the debt is setoff or settled to zero. In fact, the one sending *YOU* the statement or invoice says it has value to it… if you look at a statement, it has a *Positive Number*, not a negative balance such as -$3,456.21.


And if you accept the bill for value and send it to them and they are able to refute that it is not a proper negotiable instrument, then they have a remedy to return it to you and refute it.


How do they really “get paid”?


The A4V gets deposited at US Treasury as per the language or instructions:


And is (allegedly) drawn off your STRAWMAN ESTATE account; And the corresponding Credit is send via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or TT&L to the Financial Institution that has a directly link to the Treasury.




We have presumed or concluded that A4V process only works on Financial Institutions (banks, etc) and those connected directly to US Treasury, such as Tax agencies and Courts.

We always see that those who include certain other instruments with the A4V have much more success. For now we will just list them:


-Request Regarding a Statement of Account:  mandates that the recipient correct or approve the zero balance


-IRS Form 1099-A Abandonment or Acquisition of Secured Property: brings the IRS jurisdiction over the set off of the account


-1040-V Payment Voucher:  estimates tax obligations for the recipient for the A4V payment


-Fiduciary Appointment Letter:  expresses a trust and that you are the guarantor and the recipient is the the trustee/fiduciary, and detailing the instructions


-Cover Letter or Notice or Instructions:  gives notice to setoff the accounts and other terms, conditions, and instructions


-Settlement Offer:  gives the terms and conditions of their “acceptance” and outlines enforcement through liens or lawsuits; covers the governing law of the interaction and time frames for honor/dishonor


Being successful at sovereign contract counteroffers like A4V is not for novices or beginners. It should be treated as entertainment only except for those very serious. To be successful with any degree of consistency, it necessarily entails historical perspective, underlying philosophy, the knowledge of UCC law , contract law, and banking law; and observational results of enough others to determine the confidence to make all the paperwork and mailing/filing expenses involved worth your while.


The Bottom Line is that A4V Success takes Commercial Law, Contract Law, Offer and Counteroffer, Debtor/Creditor relationship, and the Rules of Setoff are necessary to be successful.


It is something to use with caution unless you are a serious student of contract law. Please visit our website and/or sign up for our services/program to start studying!


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