Hi There Sovereign Enthusiasts,


Happy “Black Friday”…


For those Contract-Law students, we have a very special offer…


From now until next Friday December 6th… we are going to have the Empower Yourself Pack – OR – our debt reduction/elimination service ON SALE***, just in time for the Holidays….


If you are approved for Paypal’s “Buy Now Pay Later” service (which means you must have an OK credit score), then you can take 6 months, 12 months, or longer to pay for the product or service.


So if you’ve wanted to discharge those pesky student loan debts, challenge and dispute the credit cards, or get your mortgage principal balance reduced… OR* buy the Empower Yourself Pack and become a serious contract-law and sovereignty student…. but have been tight on cash or credit…


NOW is your time, just in time for the Holidays….


*IF* you (or the person making the purchase) gets approved (based on Credit Score), you can have the option to just put a very small payment down TODAY or WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK… and pay the rest of the fee over time.


If you get approved, you can put down 10% or less of the cost of our product or services and take 12 months or more to pay it off!!!


You must have an OK credit score. It mustn’t be “perfect” but should be “Good” or better. If you have multiple delinquent accounts with unpaid bills, then you probably aren’t going to get approved. But if you are unsure, just call us and we can check for you!


Don’t delay…you must Call us Today to arrange this very special Offer. This offer is available only on a first-come, first-serve basis….


Call 505-340-3632 & we can help you.



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-Matt, Adam, John & the team at UCL

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