Video Contest:
Make a Video Presentation About Any Area of Contract Law such as Landmark Court Cases, Our Rights, Common Law, Fighting Debt Collectors, How to Open a Federal Lawsuit, Maxims of Law, Definitions, History, Legal Theory, How to Use or Buy Bitcoin, Asset Protection, Winning in Court, etc.


THIRD PRIZE – $200 in UCL STORE Credit plus other bonuses (see video)


SECOND PRIZE – $500 in UCL STORE CREDIT PLUS Next Five Creators of a Video with over 1000 Views gets €20 and Two Free Ebooks “How to Build Business Credit” and “How and Why to Set Up an International Business Corporation” (worth $197)


GRAND PRIZE – $1000 in UCL STORE CREDIT *or* a Contract for $500/$1000 per month to make videos for our private member community and Youtube audience – PLUS a $100 BITCOIN GIFT CARD if your Video gets over 5,000 Views


Every Participant With an Acceptable Video Will Earn $150 in Credit, equivalent to 90 Minutes of One-on-one Coaching with a Coach on the topics you wish to discuss remedy for, plus 6 Months of Email access and 2 follow up phone calls, and all 2014 Recorded Webinar Presentations for Download


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Why Not Get PAID for Studying the Law, Commerce, and Contracts? Why not get PAID to fight debt collectors? Why do all this for free? Partner with UCL, work from home, work from anywhere in the world on your laptop or phone, and get paid doing something rewarding!


See FULL Video from beginning to end for all details of the Contest! Send your video submissions to our Main E-mail Address.


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