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Hi hope all is well – your  response on the following is appreciated:


Concerning Custodian of Records & Notary:  There is a local company that performs multiple functions such as record keeping, preparation of various documents such as bills of sales, will and testaments, affidavits, and they also notarize documents.  
Can both the presenter and notary that I use for my administrative process documents be employed by the same business – each person, presenter and notary, will be a different person that performs different functions in the company – is this okay or should I use two people from two separate companies?


Concerning dates on documents for Step 1  – Can you verify that the dates I will be using on the respective documents are correct?

Notice to Setoff Account – will be using the date first credit card payment was/will be missed – Nunc Pro Tunc November 18, 2013

Private Registered Bonded Promissory Note – Issue date – date first payment was missed, Maturity Date: Issue Date + 30 years

Request Regarding a Statement of Account & Account Authorization  to Cease and Desist – date documents are notarized and mailed via Registered Mail


Concerning Color of Pens for signatures and thumbprints as seal –

All secured party creditor AND debtor signatures : Blue ink pen

Thumb print as seal : Red

Back of Private Registered Bonded Promissory Note: Blue ink pen (in a 45 degree angle across the center back of note – is the accepted for value verbage needed on front or back?)


Thanks in advance for your response.

I would use one of our recommendations. People are always trying to do things their own way…. These people you are recommending…do they have any experience with Private Registered Setoff Bonds, Affidavits of Truth and Non-Response, etc? Do they understand the difference between the Republic and the Democracy……Short answer is NO. So, use our people not them.  You can use as our presenter/acceptor who is schooled in Contract Law, Common Law, Affidavits and who have trusted for a while to do our processes – Call us at 505-340-3632 to get our recommendations


Use a FREE notary at any bank it should be FREE, or you can go to a real estate office or you can use someone from that company.    Or instead of a notary you can use 2 witnesses (take off the “Jurat” and add into the template a Witness of Oath affirmation section). 


You can hire the presenter/acceptor/custodian and pay his fee for presenter/acceptor/custodian. Yes they must be different people.


They can all be the same date,, any date is OK.



Debtor = Blue

Back of bond = RED, 90 degree angle across the side of the note. NO A4V language.


You may also, in addition to the bond, send them a statement marked “Accepted for value…etc…. “ and convert the payment coupon into a money order and sign the backs of both the statement and the money order and include those. This way you resolved both sides of the accounting – the private and the public side.


Hope that was helpful







How do I fill out a UCC Financing statement?



Listen to the CONCEPT more than using my exact wording/paperwork………


If you have your 3rd party record keeper mail “IN CAMERA” (google this and read about it if you don’t know what it means…., this is not the venue for me to give a lesson, this is the venue for me to give brief ABC instructions…)…..   if you have your record mailed to the Judge on the private side, then he must take judicial notice and not rule against the record, so long as the record shows that:


1)      The Respondent was given DUE PROCESS (you gave them 2 or more times to respond and you have proof that they were sent notices and didn’t send a verified/proper response)

2)      Your Record is “self authenticating” (google your local court and look up in THEIR rule books to find out what constitutes “self-authenticating” – or, for general info look up on GOOGLE in the “Federal rules of evidence” AND “self authenticating”. I will help you out here and give you 2 hints – Federal Rule of Evidence – Rule 803 and 902. Most state rules are similar to the Federal Rules.

3)      If you titled your documents separately that is no big deal. If the process I showed you examples of is different that is no big deal. As long as the RULES of Due Process and Self-Authenticating Evidence and the other “MAXIMS OF LAW” are followed, you should have the tools to prevail in your case.
There is a step by step document in the pack showing you how to do the UCC for the purposes for which we use it. You fill out the debtor, the secured party and list the collateral there are basically 3 things to do, it is very simple. There is a file called “UCC CONNECT INSTRUCTIONS”.    Do you have this?   You should. I have it in 2 places in the pack actually.





Another question – some documents have Jurat, some have an Acknowledgement.  You had mentioned in the video about an Affidavit definitely needing a Jurat, and from what I can tell, it comes down to whether or not the document needs to be signed in front of the notary, or if an oath/swear needs to be made which is also reflected in the wording of the Jurat.


Couldn’t all documents be Acknowledgements other than the Affidavit of Service?  Or, if it is more “enforceable”, then should all documents be Jurats?


I am getting myself more confused the more research I do and am trying to understand why you went with a Jurat on some and an Acknowledgement on, for example the Account Authorization to Cease and Desist.






Jurats attest to the oath being made in front of the notary. Acknowledgement is just that the signature was proven to the notary by ID or some other means to be that person.


Jurat is only needed on an affidavit. Regular Notices like AA and etc, are only going to need acknowledgements.  An oath witnessed and attested to in front of a notary is legitimiate because you have a witness of your oath. If you don’t need an oath (like if its just a notice), then acknowledgement is fine.






I need some help understanding A4V or Accepted for Value. What does it mean? How do I use it? How come when I send it I never get an acknowledgement that it was sent? What does it mean? How can I get it to work?


Please read:





I have visited the California SOS site to submit the ucc filings, but need additional clarification on the ucc connect instructions – oct 2013 update.doc. 

* In step 12 d when adding the secured party the document states not to add a zip, but the depiction of the completed form does reflect a zip in brackets. Since I am submitting as just me, on the Address line I entered c/o *************************  Is this correct or should I follow the picture and use the zip in brackets [79836] and remove “without the United States”?


I am using a Private Registered Bonded Promissory Note and I have seen others without the word “Bonded”.  Is it proper to use the word bonded? What makes this tender “bonded”? Is it the birth certificate and “us” the people that the money is created from?  I ask because I have seen samples of the promissory note that includes additional information on the creditor line such as the us treasury routing number + the red number on the ssn card.. My bond only includes the ein as in your examples and just want to better understand if using the word Bonded is proper.


Also, are there scanned samples pictures in the DropBox on the back/front of bond with signatures as well as how to turn the payment coupon into a money order?


Thanks for your time,
You can do either way it’s a preference, both ways of writing it mean the republic. Anything in brackets is not technically on the page but only listed as a reference for the reader.


A bond is a promise to pay.   It is a bond and a promissory note.  You can put whatever title and whatever numbers on it you think are appropriate, there is no magic bullet or cut-and-dry answer that I can give you. Front of the card, back of the card, some people use the certificate of live birth number, whatever you want to use that gives a clear instruction and creates a clear contract.


The templates and instructions are to teach people the process and the details along the way can be adopted to your personal preference based on your own understanding, willingness to be original and inventive. There are no “magic bullets”; if we found a magic bullet like using a certain number was going to get you a much easier success without doing all this paperwork, it would be a major announcement to our clients – you’d hear about it by now.


Yes there are scanned samples of the A4V—- are in the EYP… in the Debt -à IRS folder.  They are also all over on google images if you type in “accepted for value” or “a4v”.


This is what we are here for. Just ask. We have everything set up for you to succeed.





I would really like to find some Acceptor/Presenter/Custodian of Records..  They are very hard to find..  I would literally have to train my neighbor, best I can tell..

Do you know where I can find some People who will do Acceptor/Presenter/Custodian of Records?

I to have been studying all the greats, for a few years, although I do not have a fancy website or sell my services openly.  I have more Shrout example documents than I can count.  If you ever want to look at one, let me know.

I would NOT train your neighbor. Is your neighbor willing to sign affidavits under penalty of perjury for you?  Isyour neighbor willing to run around at your direction and fax/mail stuff to the court before a hearing? Are they willing to take the witness stand to testify for you?

Call us for our latest recommendation 505-340-3632


Your Custodian/Presenter /Acceptor (who can be different people but it’s just easier to give these 3 roles to just one person) , NEEDS to be someone who has a BUSINESS to keep such records…your neighbor does NOT and therefore you are wasting your time procuring a record with a ‘nobody’. Your whole process is basically going to need to be re-done in it’s entirety if you want to get a remedy with any Public Court process !!!

Awesome – I will contact ****..


Thank you very much..


This is what we are here for. Just ask. We have everything set up for you to succeed.





A4v and ssc bond


I want to buy the package but I want to make sure of something, can you help me A4v one bill to make sure im wisely investing. I want to become free but not getting dupped! And my second question is how do I find my federal reserve bank and routing number with the letter on the back of my ssc(G). And can I write checks with this account using routining number and bond number(ssc red letter and number on the back of card)!
Hi ******,


It sounds to me like you might have unrealistic expectations. Please read the following blog posts in their entirety:


The whole process is about holding your contract. For example, you send it step 1 (Your Bond and/or A4V with a Notice (Instructions) and/or a Fully Well thought out Contract accompanying an Affidavit of $0 balance and other documents….   Then, after you start to get letters saying what you sent was frivolous and that you still owe a debt, you return their correspondence and shove your setoff down their throat with your knowledge of contracts, or, to put it more politely, you put the burden of proof back on them and demand they rebut your affidavit point by point, or that they identify a defect in the bond that you sent them or produce a notice of dishonor from the drawee of the instrument. (There is more but this is a short summary email reply) And if necessary, suing them or even, perfecting a lien as part of a counter-claim for their failure to perform…or, if you wish to be go a less combative route, you can just sell your Certificate or Judgment to a collection agency or investor for about 10-30 % of the value of your bond. So…a good reason to make the bond 3x the amount of the debt so that if you do get a counterclaim Judgment against them for 3x the value of the property (house/car) or the unsecured debt….well, then you can sell it and get a realistic sum of money in the “currency” that you are used to.


[p.s. If you have a commercial judgment that is perfected, we can help you monetize the judgment. This is another reason there is no reason to “fight” people. If you were beat up by a police officer, you can do a 3 step administrative process on him, get a judgment for $10 million and then…instead of being a moron and putting a lien on a public official and then having them arrest you and going to jail…. (states are passing more severe laws on liening public officials)….. sell the Claim for $2 million. This is a lot simpler than opening up a court case and trying to sue the law enforcement agency…how many people have won doing that? Ughhhh none right? And def a lot simpler than risking being charged with liening a public officer unlawfully and being arrested and incarcerated for 10 years….]

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