Here are some recent questions to clarify the process of demanding verification of your debt on your credit cards…


The credit card company is calling me, and in their calls they keep saying it would be in my best interest to call them back.

OK they are debt collectors. They are trying to talk with you LIVE so that they can convince you to pay on the phone with them. They are trained to talk you into paying them or admitting you owe over the phone. Everytime you admit you owe, the statue of limitations clock starts all over again.

I am trying to get that letter written and sent that you suggested.


A powerful letter sent via third party witness and all that is a good start. If it’s a third party collector, it will usually work by itself. If it’s the original creditor, they will not stop until they’ve done a 1099-C or until the Statute or Limitations is over, or until you Sue them or they might find it worth their efforts to open suit against you.

You must be prepared with all the right defenses and have your dispute letters and affidavits of non response from your third party witnesses, etc. on standby ready to go as witnesses/evidence in your case if it does go to court.  As part of a private membership agreement, members on our team can do the entire strategy preparation for you starting at $1000 per credit card/account…in case your interested what it will cost. That includes if you get a lawsuit we help you beat it. Credit score protection/improvement for an additional rate on top of that. Guaranteed to take the “late payments”/”deficiency” item off your report or you do not pay.

Can I dispute the account even though I haven’t stopped making payments?

They are usually never going to write back saying “AHH YOU GOT US. You disputed it and we can’t verify it. We are going away now, you win. Congratulations.”  You are disputing it so that you have EVIDENCE in case there is a lawsuit, combined with citing the LAWS in your paperwork accepting and invoking the protections that require them to verify the debt (by oath or affirmation and authentic evidence/documentation). You can use this to defeat a lawsuit (if you properly prepare it and use proper procedure), and you can use it to fix your credit report. Usually if you show the proof of the dispute/verification demand plus the affidavit(s) of service and affidavit of non-response(s), it will come off the credit report. However, you need to go through a third-party because they will ignore you if you do it yourself. That’s why the members on our team are helpful; we have been doing this for years and have it down to a science.

Since they never put any of their own money up but just created it out of thin air, I don’t think I owe them anymore than what I have already paid them many times over.

You may be right…if you have your ducks in a row, you can pull the card and away. You can only dispute the balance if you’ve stopped paying it. Otherwise, it’s not in dispute, it’s current and you are obviously not disputing anything if you are consenting to paying it!

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