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Every day in every aspect of our lives, in every interaction, and especially with regard to the self, we make judgments on an Accepted for Value level. Recognizing how we use this practical tool, and most certainly a discerning one —Accepted for Value influences all aspects of ourselves and the world upon which we live.   When we concentrate on aspects that are most beneficial to our interests, especially our security interest in all matters concerning our lives, we can only reap more of the same.  When we become overflowing we must pour our abundance out in all directions it seeks to go.  Those who are learning about Accepted for Value can view it as a technology, or as a way of life—to seek out the value in life, and where there is a need, fill it, let the abundance seep into the cracks and crevasses.


Accepted for Value is the intrinsic value we place in people, places, and things within the workings of our lives, yet the currency can even be measured by emotions.  We have the choice to see value and be a transmuting energy which fosters abundance, bringing solutions, lending credit, we are creditors by character.  If we make the choice to see the lack rather than the value, this is also a choice to be in dishonor, a mere observer, to stand mute and remain complaisant, a non contributing factor and thus a part of the problem, debtors by our inaction.


Using the technology of Accepted for Value is a long accepted and utilized principle within the commercial world, represented by the entire world economic structure, or confines as it may seem to some.  The world around us is a vast networking of corporate entities, yet these corporations are Dead, and the only thing that breathes life into them is the energy of the people.  The energy of the people is given a value, accepted for value and exchanged for an accepted value.  Once we accept for value that the entities with whom we interact is most probably immeasurable, from the moment we wake up brush our teeth, brew a pot of coffee, drive into the gas station, breathe air, drink water, send a text, we have become a part of the driving force that moves those corporate entities.  Without our acceptance of value of the products, services, or employment within these corporations there would be no value to these corporations.  We give value, we accept for value, we exchange for value, we CREATE value.


It is upon the authorization of any individual to set anything into motion, to set value to the creation, and to exchange that value for something of equal or greater value to suit an alternate purpose, to fill a need, this is the ebb and flow of life, and has always and will always lie within the faith, energy and spirit of the people.



An individual exchanges his energy (labor) in consideration for payment of his services, which could be in the form of food, shelter, clothing, or currency.   When currency or drafts which may be cashed into currency are the means of exchange, often this is termed money of exchange (coffee money), however; once it is deposited into a bank, and then drawn upon supposedly to secure/back a draft/check this is where the veil is lifted.  These monies are no longer available as cash, but rather as money of account, money in the matrix.  Once a draft is authorized with an autograph on a draft, note, withdrawal or any manner of negotiable instruments, more funds are created, which the bank then fractionalizes, while holding your interest in an escrow account. For many decades most of us have been unaware of these escrow accounts, which have been contributing factors to the stop gap known as the National Debt, a major disruption of the ebb and flow of currency in society, caused by illusionary debt.



Now what?  Once we have come to the realization that ‘we are the creators’ what is the worth of Accepted for Value.  Ask yourself what you do if you realized that you have been creating value = money, and then abandoning it for the banks to claim?  There would be no reason to fault anyone, for one can only know something once they have actual knowledge of it.  So now that we know, what is the next step, Accept for Value that we are truly creators, reclaim/redeem that which we have already created, and then find ways to create more, our capacity to create is unlimited.



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