How to Sell Your Private Administrative Claim to banks, investors, or use it to get lines of Credit.


Public Judgment? Private Judgment? We **MAY** be able to Convert your Private Judgment into a Public Judgment, or pursue a Common Law Tort Claim.


Option 1) Allows you to Levy Accounts Against the Judgment Debtor – even if their assets or bank accounts are overseas.  


Option 2)  If you can not collect due to the JUDGMENT DEBTOR in your claim not having any assets, how can you cash out with bankers for at least a percentage of it’s judgment value. 


Either way, you MUST become a Secured Party Creditor using *our process* or a properly done SPC process. You must have “YOUR NAME TRUST” be the DEBTOR, not merely “YOUR NAME”. You must have the entire Trust process done, and it done 100% correctly. Other amateur SPC processes that did it half-ass won’t work. So, first and foremost, get with our latest SPC process first and foremost.


As this is a very private matter, please contact us via our coaching call link here, or give us a call for a free 5-10 minute consultation.  505-340-3632


Visit for all the details current as of July 28, 2015. Call us/set up a coaching call to talk serious business if you have a large claim!!! Our average payout is $7 Million. You could be the next winner!

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