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Dean Clifford is a sovereignty guru who teaches his Youtube students that the whole dynamic of the court room process can have a dramatic change by understanding and asserting your rights under Trust Law, and changing the presumptions surrounding this.


Dean Clifford, Sovereignty, and Trust Law:

Dean teaches that the legal person of the STRAWMAN (the ALL CAPS JOHN H DOE name) is a Public TRUST; and he teaches about the different roles of this trust and that these roles can be inverted at any time if you decide to claim that and do so.


The Grantor is your parents who gave birth to the birth certificates ESTATE/STRAWMAN from the moment they registered the birth of the child, put his or her footprints, height, and weight on the application form, and handed the registration and application over to the STATE c/o Vital Statistics. This created a LEGAL PERSON, or a corporation that that living person has, by default, been doing business through.


Instead of using private trusts to do commerce, business, or interact privately, we have defaulted to using the PUBLIC TRUST vessel, which is a whole-owned subsidiary of the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, or CANADA or THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (both which are subsidiaries of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA holding company anyway…).


The Executor is the one who administer’s the affairs of the ESTATE. Think about probate…just like you have had a family member that died and now the debts need to be paid off, and the assets of the ESTATE distributed according to the terms of the will.


But who says you have to die in order to claim to be the Executor over your own ESTATE?


Up until now, the government has presumed to be the Trustee and Executor. This is the importance of the “Executor” letter in claiming your sovereignty. Coupled with no longer interacting with the PUBLIC TRUST in a way that presumes benefits and privileges, one can assert his or her natural right over the ESTATE – and all the wealth that it contains, and limiting the liability of the use of that vessel.


What Dean teaches us is that we can claim Executor and appoint the government officials as the trustees (the ones who take the orders). If you watch his videos, he relates the analogy of Corporate Law to your STRAWMAN in trust law…


The Dean Clifford Corporate Law analogy…

The Shareholders appoint the Directors; and the Directors hire the employees. The employees carry out the instructions, and the Shareholders receive the dividends of their investment. The shareholders are the Grantors and Beneficiaries.


In the STRAWMAN estate, which role would you want to play?   Can you play multiple roles?   Can you play all roles?


Many of us start out on our journey to freedom by exposing the ‘government’, by trying to figure out who and what they are. I include myself in that, I wrote a whole book about it. It was an essential part of my expanding – uncovering what is taking place behind the scenes was critical to my flame of freedom becoming ignited. It also propels me to live more and more into my potential. Dean Clifford makes a beautiful point though– He reminds us that all we really need to do is understand who we are then all the layers of deception just go away. Because it’s all their nonsense, their dog and pony show to make us believe in their authority. So instead of working so hard to prove that they don’t have authority over me I’ll just put the burden of proof on them – I’ll say you don’t have authority and now you’ll have to prove to me that you do. Prove your claim.


In acknowledging ourselves we might want to take notice that once we arrive here, studying this material – contract law, trust law, ‘sovereignty’, conditional acceptances, private administrative procedures etc. what becomes more important and effective is to put our energy into uncovering who and what it is we are.  This is part of our being responsible and not looking to the outside for a perceived problem to be solved for us. Dean Clifford says our desire to not be responsible is what got us in this mess. The sovereign takes full responsibility – the more free we want to be, the more responsible we’ll need to be.



Dean Clifford, Sovereignty, and Trust Law:


When we are responsible, we are not victims – we are creators. We see that our choices affect the outcomes. What is responsibility? Here are some definitions:



The ability to act without guidance or superior authority; Being a source or cause; Able to be trusted or depended upon; reliable; Having the means to pay debts or fulfill obligations; able to answer for one’s conduct and obligations; Being the cause or explanation; A duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform or complete a task (assigned by someone, or created by one’s own promise or circumstances) that one must fulfill, and which has a consequent penalty for failure.

The ‘government’ operates under limited liability insurance and offers limited liability to all its public servants/trustees and underwrites the damages those public servants/trustees cause – that’s why public servants have to follow rules and regulations. If one is assuming liability for another’s actions, then one would want to control what he can to limit the liability, plus Dean says, they want to be able to charge the names and run up public debts.


When it comes to being responsible and formulating our remedy he says that If a simple man can’t understand it, its not a remedy – Dean Clifford instills in us that we need to get used to writing our documents by ourselves. Minimize templates, cutting and pasting, be genuine, use your own words and keep it simple – be as genuine as possible, use your own language, that’s what jurisdiction is.  As we know there is the written exam and oral exam, they will know us by our actions – we must understand for ourselves, in our own words, what we are doing.


A few pointers based on the Dean Clifford video’s:


*Getting documents into the court file so that the judge sees it. Send your document(s) in with instructions that it gets into the court file and request a certified copy back out. If I don’t get a certified copy back out, we may find it missing from the file.


*Deal with the prosecution before even going to court. Put the burden of proof on them and have them prove their claim. If they trespass against you, they must prove their claim.


*In trust law, the grantor and executor can be same person – anyone can fill any role.


* The public servant realm operates under presumption of law. Remove presumptions immediately – think affidavits of negative averment.


*Care about me and what I am and no longer care about what they are.
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