Attached below shows the success that a fellow Australian UCL student who beat a Credit Card lawsuit after buying and studying the EYP product.


She contacted us for help and to weigh her options last year, and was encouraged to chose the Empower Yourself Pack (EYP) Membership option so that she could learn Administrative Procedure (private and public) responses.


Some examples of some “free” document editable templates are here, but the EYP package is a comprehensive step-by-step guide with tools for anyone fighting credit cards, debt collectors, and more, and  a wonderful educational tool to empower people.  


To protect the client’s privacy, her name/etc is blanked out.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Although the client said that they felt the lessons and processes were “easy”, depending on the vivaciousness of the attorneys, the amount they have to gain (the amount of the debt), the particular judge/court/district, the selection of process/defense that you use in your case, and several other factors unique to your particular situation, the amount of work to get them to back off, or to get a full remedy, may vary. Some fights may involved more work, and be more time consuming than others. Because of this, for a case that you are in control of, we can not guarantee any outcomes. Anyone not willing to take SOME risk, should continue paying their credit cards and/or work out a settlement directly with the bank that involves paying them a lump sum of part of your balance. Failure to do so, and risk to “fight it out” in court, may result in a victory (as above), or may result in a judgment against you leading to a garnishment of wages and levy of funds from your bank account(s), as well as other possible penalties.


Anyway, this is also proof that UCL remedies CAN work and be applied with Successes ALL OVER THE WORLD. 

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